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Last updated: 30 Jun, 2020

Riva Cloud is frequently updated. New features and enhancements are applied to all paid and trial accounts as soon as the Riva Cloud update is released.

Riva Cloud 2020.3 (June 30)

Riva Cloud 2020.2 (May 15)

Riva Cloud 2020.1 (March 5)

  • Sync log enhancement in Detailed View.
  • For new customers, there is a minimum number of user licenses to obtain.
  • Release notes 2020.1.

Riva Cloud 2019.8 (Jan. 12, 2020)

  • Authentication default change.
  • Audit summary enhancement.
  • User Interface (UI) changes.
    • Ability to configure Conversation Follow.
    • Modified: The Choose Your Riva Cloud Account Mode page.
    • New! The Riva Insight page.
  • Release notes 2019.8.

Riva Cloud 2019.7 (Nov. 7, 2019)

  • Notification emails: change of source.
  • User interface changes:
    • Subscription Details page.
    • Get Started page.
  • Fixed defects.
  • Release notes 2019.7.

Riva Cloud 2019.6 (Sept. 12)

  • Ability to sign in with Salesforce.
  • Metrics for Riva Cloud Company.
  • Riva Cloud feature notifications.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Fixed defects.
  • Release notes 2019.6.

Riva Cloud 2019.5 (June 24)

  • Enhancement for Riva Cloud Company.
  • Limiting the sync of recurring appointments with no end date or an end date far in the future.
  • Release notes 2019.5.

Riva Cloud 2019.4 (May 13)

  • Salesforce-specific improvement.
  • Riva Cloud: New navigation menu.
  • Riva Cloud Corporate: Improved metrics.
  • Riva Cloud Company: Impersonation improvement.
  • Release notes 2019.4.

Riva Cloud 2019.3 (April 3)

Riva Cloud 2019.2 (Feb. 26)

  • New Office 365 connection page.
  • Updated videos on the sync policy pages and enhanced viewer.
  • Fixed defect on the Registration page.
  • Release notes 2019.2.

Riva Cloud 2019.1 (Jan. 25)

  • Office 365: OAuth connections now supported.
  • Salesforce: Support for syncing email to Salesforce as enhanced email.
  • Audit summary enhancement.
  • Release notes 2019.1.

Riva Cloud 2018.10 (Dec. 27)

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM connection: simplified the connection.
  • IBM Notes connection: updated the IP Whitelist.
  • GroupWise connection: updated the IP Whitelist.
  • Release notes 2018.10.

Riva Cloud 2018.9 (Nov. 16)

  • Manage multiple Riva Cloud accounts on one page.
  • SAML Configuration page.
  • Enhanced Category section in the sync policy.
  • Release notes 2018.9.

Riva Cloud 2018.8 (Oct. 16)

Riva Cloud 2018.7 (Sept. 21)

  • Support for NetSuite token-based authentication.
  • Oracle Sales Cloud connection: fix for a client-side error.
  • Release notes 2018.7.

Riva Cloud 2018.6 (Aug. 7)

Riva Cloud 2018.5 (July 5)

  • Sugar: selecting the Sugar 7+ connection wizard.
  • Is the connection user dedicated for synchronization?
  • The EULA has been updated.
  • Release notes 2018.5.

Riva Cloud 2018.4 (May 23)

  • Support for GDPR and data residency regions.
  • Support for Sugar 7+ and Sugar 8.
  • Release notes 2018.4.

Riva Cloud 2018.3 (April 11)

  • Ability to override the Exchange auto-discover URL functionality.
  • Improved visibility into Office 365 and Exchange EWS connection groups.
  • Notifications are sent if the subscription limit has been reached.
  • Release notes 2018.3.

Riva Cloud 2018.2 (March 7)

  • Security: Account lockout after consecutive unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Security: Enhanced notifications for password and network trusts changes.
  • NetSuite users: Riva Insight now available for Riva Cloud.
  • Riva Cloud accounts: Billing and technical contacts.
  • Riva Cloud Corporate trial: Fixed defect.
  • Improved support for Firefox.
  • Fixed defect regarding purchasing extra user licenses in both Riva Cloud and Riva Insight.
  • Release notes 2018.2.

Riva Cloud 2018.1 (Jan. 25)

  • Security notifications are sent after a password change.
  • Security notifications are sent after a Network Trusts change.
  • Google credentials can be used to register to Riva Cloud.
  • You can log in to Riva Cloud with SAML.
  • Admins can send invitations for the Riva Insight trial more than once.
  • Release notes 2018.1.

Riva Cloud 2017.6 (Nov. 23)

  • It's easier to relate our hours of operation to your time zone.
  • It's easier to rename users.
  • Improved user management for Riva Cloud Corporate admins.
  • The Sync Logs button is now available to all Riva Cloud Company admins.
  • We have a more commonly used default value for the IBM Notes calendar mode.
  • We have improved our email and CRM connection pages.
  • Release notes 2017.6.

Riva Cloud 2017.5 (Sept. 8)

  • More secure "Forgot Password" process.
  • Timezone awareness for peak, non-peak, and blackout hours.
  • Shortcut to sign in to Riva Cloud with Google.
  • Corrected range of colours for Google-based sync policies.
  • Release notes 2017.5.

Riva Cloud 2017.4 Hot Fix (Aug. 14)

  • Fixed defects for the new User Manager.
  • Ability to find out when a connection or policy was created and last modified.
  • Release notes 2017.4 Hot Fix.

Riva Cloud 2017.4 (July 21)

  • Ability to log in with Google.
  • Entering the final stages of transitioning to the new User Manager.
  • Release notes 2017.4.

Riva Cloud 2017.3 (May 24)

  • Increased security.
  • New home page.
  • New header.
  • Improved Delete Safety.
  • Increased user limit.
  • Streamlined registration for the free 15-day trial.
  • Fixed Error Email Notification issue.
  • Release notes 2017.3.

Riva Cloud 2017.2 (March 21)

  • Improved workflow when getting started with Riva Cloud.
  • Ability to change the password of a Riva - Google connection.
  • Improved navigation to — and in — the documentation.
  • Release notes 2017.2.

Riva Cloud 2017.1 (February 2)

  • Improved guidance to know when to save a sync policy for Exchange or IBM Notes.
  • Improved ability to report issues to the Riva Success Team.
  • Improved payment processing.
  • Slightly simplified Riva Cloud page display.
  • Improved navigation.
  • Release notes 2017.1.

Riva Cloud 2016.04 (April)

  • Improved performance.
  • Compatibility with Sugar 7.7.
  • Even more finely tuned sync for some platforms.
  • Release notes 2016.04.

Riva Cloud 2015.11 (November)

  • Synchronization enhancements are available for a few CRMs.
  • Universal Change Detection (UCD).
  • Release notes 2015.11.

Riva Cloud 2015.06 (June)

  • Synchronization enhancements are available for the following CRMs:
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, 2013, or 2011 Rollup 10 or higher.
    • Oracle CRM On Demand.
    • Salesforce.
  • Release notes 2015.06.

Riva Cloud 2015.04 (April)

  • Embedded You-Tube videos to Policy settings page.
  • Updated Welcome page for ease of setup.
  • Added APAC Contact info to Contact Us page.
  • Exchange connection error message links to Knowledge Base article procedure.
  • Release notes 2015.04.

Riva Cloud 2014.06 (June)

  • Added feature to skip appointments marked as Private.
  • Updated Sync Log Viewer.
  • "Ask Us" added to website for easy access to the Riva Success team.
  • Release notes 2014.06.

Riva Cloud 2014.02 (February)

  • Added Error Email Notifications to the synchronization policy editor.
  • Enabled "Delete Safety" to prevent Riva from syncing mass deletes of items.
  • Release notes 2014.02.

Riva Cloud 2013.10 (October)

  • Refreshed Web UI with new look and feel. Added navigation menu bar with large icons.
    • Knowledge Base being updated to reflect changes.
  • Switched Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Office 365 connections to production.
  • Added Technology Preview connection for Oracle Sales Cloud.
  • Implemented easy-to-follow step-by-step wizard process to set up a Riva Cloud user.
  • Improved logging services to reduce time for logs to load into log viewer windows.
  • Added ability for customers to switch to paid subscriptions online.

Riva Cloud 2013.07 (July)

  • Added a Technology Preview connection for Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted on Office 365.
  • Added a Technology Preview connection for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (Roll-up 10+).
  • Added a Technology Preview connection for IBM Notes and Domino.
  • Riva support can bulk-add a large number of users from a .CSV file.

Riva Cloud 2012.07 (July-August)

  • Salesforce: New connections will use OAuth. (No need to store password in Riva Cloud. Will be token-based. This also means passwords never expire.)
  • Salesforce: Convert standard User/Pass connection to OAuth.
  • All Editions: Included new Policy advanced options where applicable.
  • Moved connection-specific advanced option to the policy edit, instead of connection edit.

Riva Cloud 2012.06 (June)

  • Premium Edition now includes “Sent Items”.
  • All Editions: Unlimited Historic Data.
  • All Editions: Unlimited Record Limit.
  • Salesforce: Implemented "Standard Impersonation." as default for Corporate-mode connections.
  • Licensing: New “Admin-Only” license type – is not included in active user license count and is not included in policies. Ideal for corporate mode and when using dedicated administrator accounts.
  • Licensing: Disabled users are no longer included in the active user license count.
  • Licensing: Lite now has a 60-min sync interval instead of twice a day.
  • SmartConvert: Added option “Treat 'Reply-To:' as From”.
  • Billing: Invoice viewable and downloadable online.
  • Billing: Ability to increase subscription user count.
  • Billing: Payment details for Bank Transfer and Cheque now available under payment method.
  • Billing: Accounts configured for Bank Transfer or Cheques do not see change credit card payment method.
  • Billing: A user is warned if the account has outstanding billing.

Riva Cloud 2012.05 (May)

  • All Editions: “Sync Now!” Button added.
  • All Editions: Included many new Policy advanced options:
    • Policy (Address Book + Calendar): Added “Read-only: CRM to Exchange Only”.
    • Policy (Address Book): Replace Contact Website with Contact Web Link.
    • Policy (Address Book): Max record counts.
    • Policy (Calendar): Append “Related Contact Info” to appointment body.
    • Policy (Calendar): Disable reminder sync.
    • Policy (Calendar+Email): Disable Attachments.
    • Policy (Calendar+Email): Append “Attachment Summary” to email body.
  • NetSuite: Added connection-specific advanced options.
  • Salesforce: Added connection-specific advanced options.
  • Sugar: Added connection-specific advanced options.

Riva Cloud 2012.04 (April)

  • Standard and Premium Editions: Ability to change historic start date and auto-repoll.
  • Exchange: Added Auto-discover support.
  • Exchange: Connection login user and synchronized users can be split (used with delegate access).
  • Billing: Created new “My Account” with Account Summary and Payment History.

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