Riva Cloud 2019.7 Release Notes

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Last updated: 22 Nov, 2019

The Riva Cloud release notes list what is new in this release:

Release version: 2019.7
Release date: Nov. 7, 2019

What's New in Riva Cloud

Notification Emails Source Change

  • Riva Cloud notification emails of any kind used to be sent to you from rivacloud.com.
    Now, they are sent from rivasync.com.

UI Changes

Subscription Details page

  • Monthly subscriptions are only available for existing customers who already have a monthly subscription in place.
    Annual subscriptions are available for new or existing customers.

  • Minimum annual subscription:
    For new customers, a minimum annual subscription amount is effective. For more information, see Riva Cloud pricing.
    For existing customers, your current subscription amount is still honoured even if it is below the new minimum annual amount, but it is not reduced if you reduce the number of syncing users.

Get Started page

  • Configurable Riva–CRM connections:
    By default, new Riva–CRM connections are configurable in the Riva Cloud UI only for the following CRMs:
    • Salesforce.
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365.
    • Sugar.
    • NetSuite.
    Existing Riva connections with other CRMs are still available for editing on the Dashboard.
    For new Riva connections with other CRMs, contact the Riva Success Team.

  • Configurable Riva–email system connections:
    New Riva–email system connections are configurable in the Riva Cloud UI only for the following email systems:
    • Office 365.
    • Exchange.
    • G Suite.
    • Gmail.
    HCL Notes connections are now supported by Riva Enterprise. For more information, contact the Riva Success Team.

Fixed Defects

  • In some cases, All Visible was reset to Must Be Owner:
    Background: During a Riva Cloud trial, when creating a sync policy, modules are set by default to Must Be Owner. So far, that is not a defect.
    Defect introduced recently: If a module was set to All Visible and the policy was saved as Disabled, the module was reset to Must Be Owner.
    Fix: Now, a module set to All Visible remains set to All Visible no matter how the policy is saved: as Disabled or Enabled.

Article ID: 1975
Last updated: 22 Nov, 2019
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