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Riva Cloud 2019.8 Release Notes

Article ID: 1997
Last updated: 13 Jan, 2020

The Riva Cloud release notes list what is new in this release:

Release version: 2019.8
Release date: Jan. 12, 2020

What's New in Riva Cloud

Authentication default change

When Salesforce or Google authentication is disabled, the authentication method defaults to password authentication.

Audit summary enhancement

ReValidateConnection configuration events are now tracked in the Riva Cloud audit summary.

UI changes

Ability to configure Conversation Follow in the UI:

  • Previously, only Riva staff could configure Conversation Follow.
  • Now, the sync policy has a check box you can select. Specifically, on the Email Smart Convert page, under Options, Conversation Follow is enabled by selecting the Automatically synchronize emails based on conversation check box.

Modified: Choose Your Riva Cloud Account Mode page:

  • For free trials and new subscriptions, you can choose Company Mode or Corporate Mode.
  • Note: Single-User mode is now supported only for existing subscriptions.

New! The Riva Insight page:

  • The page displays
    • a brief overview of Riva Insight.
    • a link for the requirements.
    • links for the Office 365 install manifests and other methods to install Riva Insight.
  • The Riva Insight page is accessed on the main menu bar of Riva Cloud, by selecting the Riva Insight icon.

Article ID: 1997
Last updated: 13 Jan, 2020
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