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Riva Cloud 2018.9 Release Notes

Article ID: 1843
Last updated: 19 Dec, 2018

The Riva Cloud release notes list the benefits of this release:

Release version: 2018.9
Release date: November 16, 2018

Benefits of this Release

New! Ability to manage multiple Riva Cloud accounts on one page:

  • If your organization has multiple Riva Cloud accounts for multiple environments or business units and you wish you didn’t have to log on and off the various environments to manage the users, this is for you!

    In one central location, you can manage all your Riva Cloud accounts and users. For more information, see Manage multiple accounts in the User Manager.

New! SAML Configuration page

Enhanced Category section in the sync policy

  • For Office 365, Exchange, and IBM Notes sync policies, on the Configuration tab, the Category section is now easier to follow.
    Some text now appears in coloured boxes.
    Some text can be seen by hovering the mouse over a icon.

    Note: The default for the Category Color has been changed from Red to Teal. This affects only new policies. You can revert the category colour to Red or change it to any other colour.

Article ID: 1843
Last updated: 19 Dec, 2018
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