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Riva Manager Application: Overview - Riva 2.4.51 or Earlier

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Last updated: 26 Nov, 2020

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The Riva Manager is the Windows application that is used to configure and manage the Riva server. For example, the following tasks can be completed with this application:

Riva On-Premise. The main menu bar is just below the Riva logo.

The Riva Manager menu bar has the following menu items:

  • Home: Displays a page to apply the trial license application key.

  • Setup: Used to create and manage connections to the target systems.

  • Policies: Used to create, modify, duplicate, enable, or disable sync policies or save them to .zip files.

  • Request License: Starts a wizard to create and submit an online or manual request for trial or purchase licenses.

  • Request Support:

    • In Riva or higher, opens the Riva On-Premise Support Request form.
    • In Riva or earlier, activates a wizard to submit an online support request. The wizard was retired in Riva
  • Check for Updates:

Applies to

  • Riva 2.4.49 or earlier.
  • In Riva 2.4.50 and 2.4.51, the UI described in this article is referred to as the Classic UI.

Article ID: 788
Last updated: 26 Nov, 2020
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