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Manage the Riva Server
Riva On-Premise Information Privacy - What Information Is Retained?
Contents Riva On-Premise data architecture Data center and certifications Collecting information Communication and network traffic encryption Requesting access to collected information Riva On-Premise Data Architecture The...
Understand Riva Impersonation Models
To synchronize multiple users from a single Riva connection and to avoid having to create individual user connections with individual passwords and sync policies in Riva, a configuration option called “Impersonation” is available. ...
How to Use the Riva Manager Application
Applies to. The Riva Manager is the Windows application that is used to configure and manage the Riva server. For example, the following tasks can be completed with this application: Create and manage connections to supported...
Do Not Run Riva CRM Integration Twice Against the Same User
Background Some clients would like to use Riva Cloud to test functionality before installing Riva On-Premise. Do not configure the same email and CRM user combination in more than one instance of Riva at the same time. Explanation...
Preventing PII from Appearing in Splunk or Riva Activity Logs
By default, Personally identifiable information (PII) may appear in Splunk logs and Riva logs. In Riva 2.4.54 or higher, the sync policy can be configured to prevent PII from appearing in Splunk or Riva activity logs. There are two...

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