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Error Occurred While Submitting Request Support, Check for Updates, or License Request

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Last updated: 28 Oct, 2019


A Windows error sometimes occurs when someone selects Submit in one of the following Riva wizards available from the Riva Manager application:

  • The Request License Wizard.
  • The Check for Updates Wizard.

Note: The Request Support Wizard has been deprecated.

  • In Riva On-Premise or earlier, a Request Support Wizard was available from the Riva Manager application and the Riva Service Monitor. The wizard is deprecated. Please use the Riva On-Premise Support Request web form instead.
  • In Riva, the wizard was retired.
  • In Riva or higher, if on the Riva Manager menu bar, you select Request Support, the web form appears.

Possible Causes and Resolutions

For the Request License and Check for Updates wizards:

  • IESC is enabled on the Riva server.
    Solution: Add http://*.omni-ts.com to the trusted site list.

  • The Windows firewall may be enabled.
    Possible solutions: An exception may need to be added; or, if a corporate firewall is in place, try disabling the local Windows firewall on the Riva server.

  • The corporate firewall may prevent the Riva server from connecting to external resources.
    Solution: See Firewall settings for Riva.

  • Riva is connecting to on-premise target email and CRM servers, and Internet Explorer is configured to work through a web proxy by using WPAD server scripts.
    Solution: See Riva connection wizard does not complete - Keeps prompting for valid user name.

  • Internet Explorer is configured to use a web proxy that requires authentication.
    Solution: See Riva server: Web \ HTTP proxy authentication support.

For the Request Support Wizard:

Article ID: 570
Last updated: 28 Oct, 2019
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