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Riva Cloud: Log In, Log Out, and Forgot Password

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Last updated: 17 Dec, 2019

Audience: Riva Cloud administrators; self-managing users in Company mode.

Such users need to log in to Riva Cloud to create or manage their CRM connections, email connections, and sync policies — or perform other management tasks.

Common tasks:

Log In or Sign In to a Riva Cloud Account

You can

Log in to Riva Cloud with a user name and password

To log in to Riva Cloud with a user name and password:

  1. Ensure that a Riva Cloud account has been created by registering for Riva Cloud.

  2. Open a supported browser, and go to https://www.rivacloud.com.

  3. On the Riva Cloud page, in the top right corner, select Riva Cloud. The blue LOG IN button..

  4. On the Riva Cloud login window that appears, provide the email address for your admin or self-managing Riva Cloud account and the password, and select LOG IN.

    Best security practice: If the web browser prompts to remember the login password, always choose not to remember the password.

  5. After logging in, if you would like tips on what to do next, read the next section.

If you see something like...

After logging in or signing in to Riva Cloud, if you see something like this:

Get Started: Dashboard (Connections and
Synchronization Policy):
Riva Cloud. The Get Started page, left half, steps 1-4.
Riva Cloud: the Dashboard.

Do as follows:

  1. Make sure you have chosen your Riva Cloud mode.

  2. Continue configuring your free-trial or paid subscription:

The original configuration has been completed, you have bought a subscription, and you can make any change your user level allows you to, for example:

Use a "Contact Us" Form

See To use the Contact Us form.

Reset a Forgotten Password

If you forget your Riva Cloud login password, you can request a verification code to access Riva Cloud and enter a new password.

  1. At https://www.rivacloud.com, in the top right corner, select Riva Cloud. The blue LOG IN button..

  2. On the Riva Cloud Login page, select Forgot your password?

  3. Follow the instructions that appear, and select Continue.

    Riva Cloud: Forgot your password?

    Result: You will receive shortly a verification code by email at the email address you entered as your Riva Cloud user name.

  4. Follow the instructions that appeared when you selected Continue, and again select Continue.

  5. In Riva Cloud, on the Change Password page, enter a new password. Use a secure password that is easy for you to remember. Confirm the password, and select Change Password.

Change the Riva Cloud Admin User Password

See Change the Riva Cloud login password.

Log Out of Riva Cloud

  • In the top right corner of Riva Cloud, select , and choose Logout.

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Article ID: 1307
Last updated: 17 Dec, 2019
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