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Riva Cloud 2017.2 Release Notes

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Last updated: 24 May, 2017

The Riva Cloud release notes list the benefits of this release:

Release version: 2017.2
Release date: March 21, 2017

* 2017.2 is the second Riva Cloud release of 2017. Sequential numbers will be used for subsequent releases.

Benefits of this Release

Improved workflow when getting started...

If you are getting started with Riva Cloud for the first time or eventually need a second Riva Cloud subscription, this is how to proceed:

  1. Get the free 15-day trial for the new subscription.

    The Riva Cloud Get Started page displays a new step: 1. Choose Your Mode.

    Riva Cloud. Get Started page.

  2. Let us help you be successful! Get your free 30-minute Get Started Session.

    We will guide you to Choose Your Mode and follow the instructions displayed in Riva Cloud.

    After choosing Corporate, Company, or Single-User mode, you can proceed with configuring your CRM, your email system, and your sync policy, etc.

    The benefit of choosing the mode first is that it simplifies the process of configuring your CRM and email system.

Ability to change the password of a Riva - Google connection:

Improved navigation to — and in — the documentation:

  • From any page in Riva Cloud, you can now access the Riva Cloud - CRM Sync documentation in the Knowledge Base with one tap or click: on the menu bar, to the right, select Help.

    Riva Cloud 2017.02. The menub bar.

  • Your browser displays a new folder structure for the Riva Cloud documentation. It was introduced on March 21, 2017, and some adjustments were made on April 11, 2017. The following description applies to the new folder structure of April 11.

    • The left side of your browser displays the new main subfolders (subcategories) of the Riva Cloud – CRM Sync documentation.

    • The right side displays a description of those subcategories.

      Knowledge Base. The Riva Cloud - CRM Sync category and the descriptions of its subcategories.
  • If you never saw the old folder structure or were not familiar with it, you can skip the rest of this article.

    If you were familiar with the old setup, you might like to read on, to see where some of the things you were used to are now located.

  • This is what we did with the top-level folders. The illustration compares the old folders to the left and the new ones to the right.

    This is how we processed the old folders in Riva Cloud - CRM Sync into the new folder structure.

    Old Folder Action Taken
    How Riva Syncs Your Data (User Guides) Inserted into the Need More Info Before Starting? folder.
    Get Started with Riva Cloud The folder has been renamed Get Started. The subfolder structure has been changed to match the configuration steps visible on the Riva Cloud Get Started page.

    Manage Your Riva Cloud Subscription.

    • It contained very few subfolders and long lists of articles. It was difficult to find articles related to you were interested in, for example managing your account.
    • Several articles were in two places: in this folder and in the old Get Started with Riva Cloud folder.

    • Most of the articles are now in the Already Started folder, which contains several well-organized subfolders that are easy to navigate.
      Knowledge Base. Riva Cloud - CRM Sync and its subfolders, specifically Already Started and its subsubfolders.
    Change Log Retained as is.

    The Additional Information folder contains some articles removed from the old Get Started and Manage Your Riva Cloud Subscription folders.

  • The articles that used to be in the root folder, Riva Cloud – CRM Sync, are now in new locations:

    Articles New Location
    What is Riva Cloud? Need more info before starting? / What is Riva Cloud?
    Choose between Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise Do you need Riva On-Premise instead?
    Learn how to sync data using Riva (User guides) Additional Information / Deprecated Articles. Instead, navigate to How Riva syncs your data.
    Riva Cloud - Change Log Change Log.

  • The articles that used to be in the root of the old Get Started with Riva Cloud folder are now in the following locations:

    Articles New Location
    Register for Riva Cloud Get Started
    Your free 30-minute intro to Riva Cloud CRM Integration
    Riva Cloud modes: The three most important things…. Choose Your Mode
    Riva Cloud subscription options (Which mode is right for you?)
    Turn the admin user into a non-syncing, admin-only user
    Get Started: Single-User account User Guides
    Get Started: Riva Cloud Company
    Get Started: Riva Cloud Corporate

  • In the new Already Started folder, the subfolder Manage Your Email System for Riva is in progress. Several email-related articles in the Riva On-Premise documentation also apply to Riva Cloud. When the documentation prioritization process permits, those articles will be adjusted and made available in the Riva Cloud Manage Your Email System for Riva folder.

Article ID: 1611
Last updated: 24 May, 2017
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