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Get Your Free 15-Day Trial of Riva Cloud!

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Last updated: 22 Jul, 2019

You are welcome to try Riva Cloud for a FREE 15-day trial period! To begin with, register for a free subscription account.

When you register for Riva Cloud,

  • the service automatically creates your free trial subscription;
  • the service assigns you, the registered user, as the "Admin User" and grants you administrator privileges;
  • you can add up to 5 syncing users.

Register for a Free Trial

To register for a new Riva Cloud free trial subscription account:

  1. In a supported browser, go to https://www.rivacloud.com, and select GET STARTED.

    You are redirected to the registration page.

    Riva Cloud. Register for a free 15-day trial.

  2. If you want to sync a supported CRM with

Continuing with Google

Continuing with Office 365, Exchange, IBM Notes, or GroupWise

  1. At the Contact step, enter your name, specify a real email address, select I'm not a robot, and then select Continue.

  2. At the Verification step, follow the instructions, and select Continue.

  3. At the Information step, fill out the fields, choose a Riva Cloud data residency region, and select Continue.

  4. At the Create Username step, read the user name guidelines, and select one of the following:

    • Option 1: Username Builder: Optionally select the "type" of account, and the Username Builder incorporates it in a user name that you can edit. This user name includes your company domain name.
    • Option 2: Build Your Own: Create your user name in email format in any way you like.
  5. Enter a secure password, read the Terms and conditions of use, select the check box, and select COMPLETE.

    Your free trial account is created, and the Get Started page appears.

The Get Started Page

Riva Cloud. The Get Started page, right after registering for the free trial.

  • On the Get Started page, select 1. Choose your Mode, and follow the instructions that appear in Riva Cloud.

    Note: If you want to preview those instructions and other information, look up Choose your mode and the other folders in Get started.

Article ID: 595
Last updated: 22 Jul, 2019
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