Errors & Troubleshooting
Error: Previous Folder ID Does Not Match Current Folder ID. A Reinitialization Is Required
Issue One or more of the following errors appear in Riva sync logs: 2015-02-11 09:19:38,806 ERROR [CTP-wdf #4] [398H9DQWM9CAR] [XT] Previous folder ID does not match current folder ID. A reinitialization is required 2015-02-11...
Error after user moved: Sync aborting - conflicting entity detected
In rare circumstances, Riva admins have reported conflicting entity errors after moving users between sync policies using one of the following procedures: Move target Exchange/Notes users to another sync policy using identical...
New Solution for: Riva Put Sent Items into Inbox, After Sync with CRM
By default, Riva moves outbound email from Riva email drop folders back to the Sent Items folder after the email item has been synced to the CRM. Issue Riva has sometimes moved outbound email to the Inbox instead of the Sent Items...

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