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New Solution for: Riva Put Sent Items into Inbox, After Sync with CRM

Article ID: 1364
Last updated: 02 May, 2016

By default, Riva moves outbound email from Riva email drop folders back to the Sent Items folder after the email item has been synced to the CRM.


Riva has sometimes moved outbound email to the Inbox instead of the Sent Items folder after syncing the email to the CRM. A solution was implemented in Knowledge Base article 435, but it does not work all the time.


Before the time of article 435, Riva had an issue with email sync against mailboxes hosted on some builds of Exchange 2013. The issue dealt with in this article (1364) pertains to the internet message header in later versions of Exchange 2013+, which was not correctly handled by the solution described in article 435.


Riva includes a new custom option to resolve the issue.

To restore the proper handling of Riva-synced outbound emails:

  1. Determine which Riva On-Premise version is installed. If it is not at least, upgrade Riva to the latest public release.

  2. Apply the following advanced custom option to the Riva sync policy:

    Sync.Ex.Email.CheckSource.ByInternetMessageHeader.Enabled = true

  3. If the following custom option is present in the sync policy, remove it. (Because it was advocated as a solution in article 435 and does not work all the time, remove it.)

    Sync.Ex.Email.CheckSentOrReceived.Enabled = true

  4. Save the sync policy.

  5. Test the syncing of outbound email, and confirm that Riva moves the synced email back to the Sent Items folder.

Applies to

  • Riva On-Premise for Exchange release or higher
  • Exchange 2013+

Article ID: 1364
Last updated: 02 May, 2016
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