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Custom Option to Reset Company Name If CRM Contact Assigned to Different Account

Article ID: 1184
Last updated: 14 Apr, 2016

A customer reported that if he re-assigns a CRM contact to a different CRM account, Riva does not sync the update to modify the Company value in the Exchange CRM contact.


The default is that Riva will not sync contact record updates to email (Exchange, Notes, or GroupWise) when a user modifies the assigned account of a CRM contact record.

Custom Option to Reset the Company Name

Riva has a custom option that can be applied to the CRM connection or the sync policy (Exchange or Notes) to enable assigned account updates from CRM to email. Add the following custom option key and value:

Sync.Crm.AllowAccountMatchingOnPreviouslyMappedContacts = true (default is always false)

Once applied, when a user modifies the CRM contact record to change the assigned CRM account, Riva will sync the change to the Company field of the corresponding email contact record.

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  • Riva
Article ID: 1184
Last updated: 14 Apr, 2016
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