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Manage Sync Policies
Settings Hierarchy and Overrides: Riva On-Premise
(Riva or higher.) When an instance of Riva executes, settings are loaded from various locations. These settings are applied in order of least precedence to those of greatest precedence. When the same setting is configured...
Performance Counters in Riva On-Premise
In Riva On-Premise or higher, it is easy to configure performance counters. Performance counters provide valuable insight into the synchronization performance. Counters count sync events such as the creation of an...
Rename Folders and Categories and Reset Sync Start Date (Riva 2.4.39 and Earlier)
Customer Question: I created a new policy, but am not able to rename the Parent folder name for convert folders from Create New to Archive to CRM. I know there is a trick to it. Would you please let me know how to do that? Answer: ...
Display Name of Syncing Connections in Riva On-Premise
In Riva 2.4.46 or higher, it is possible to assign a user-friendly Display Name to any CRM or email system connection. (By default, the Display Name is set to the same value as the connection name.) Where is it assigned? Where does it...

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