Change the Password for Riva Connections to a CRM

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Last updated: 24 Feb, 2017

Riva connections to a CRM are configured with the credentials (user names and passwords) of the "Riva connection account" that has the necessary permissions to impersonate into the target user CRM account. Riva does not dynamically change the password for the Riva connection account if the CRM password for that account is changed.

If the CRM password for the Riva connection account is changed, the Riva administrator needs to change the password for the corresponding Riva connection to the CRM. If the password is not changed, the CRM Monitor reports this error: Invalid login: Login attempt failed. Please check the user name and password.

Password changes to the connection objects are not logged in log files. Passwords are saved to the compiled .connection file in the \Riva\Configuration folder. The Riva CRM Agent service does not need to be stopped or restarted as part of this procedure. The service checks the connection credentials every time a full sync is performed, so that it will automatically use the latest password saved in the connection.

Changing the Riva Connection Account Password

The procedure to change the Riva connection account password may vary slightly for each Riva CRM connection. The following procedure is based on a Salesforce connection:

  1. In the Riva Manager application, on the menu bar, select Setup. In the right pane, double-click the existing CRM connection to edit it.

  2. To the left, select General. To the right, provide the correct password, confirm it, and select Save.

  3. Double-click the CRM connection.

  4. To the left, select Connection Test. To the right, select Run Test >>.

    If the Connection Authentication Succeeded message box appears, the password is correct.

  5. Click OK to close the message box.

  6. Click Cancel >> to close the Connection Edit window.

  7. Watch the Riva CRM Monitor application to confirm that Invalid Login errors no longer appear.

Article ID: 551
Last updated: 24 Feb, 2017
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