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What to Do If a Riva On-Premise Online Update Fails

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Last updated: 27 Apr, 2016

Potential Issues, Their Causes, and Their Solutions

Errors may occur when upgrading Riva On-Premise online, such as:

  • The Check for Updates wizard, which is used during an online update, cannot complete or cannot write to the local file system. This may occur if the Riva Manager application is started with the credentials of a normal Windows user who does not have the necessary system rights and file system permissions to the folders where Riva is installed. Close and restart the Riva Manager application: This time, use elevated privileges, for example, "Run as administrator".

  • The Check for Updates wizard reports a 404 error. For possible corrective steps, see Error occurred while submitting Request Support, Check for Updates, or License Request.

Alternative Solution

To work around an online update failure:

  1. Contact the Riva Success Team. Explain that the online update failed, and ask for a download link and which .ZIP file to download.

  2. Manually upgrade Riva.

Article ID: 754
Last updated: 27 Apr, 2016
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