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App.Setting to Disable Account Matching for SmartConvert

Article ID: 958
Last updated: 13 Jul, 2017

Some customer CRM services are configured to primarily support Business-to-Consumer (B2C) support individual customers or person accounts where contacts are not matched to CRM accounts (Org).  In this instance, it may be useful to disable SmartConvert account matching for contact creation.

Apply the App.Setting

Riva 2.4.34+ now offers an App.Setting that can be used to disable account matching.  This must be applied to the .config file for the applicable CRM Agent service:

  • Riva for Exchange - Omni.Riva.CrmAgentEx.exe.config
  • Riva for GroupWise - Omni.Riva.CrmAgent.exe.config

To Manage - Create or modify the app.setting file to include the following option key and value:

Crm.SkipOrganizationMatchingByDomain = true (enable skip account matching by email domain)

Crm.SkipOrganizationMatchingByDomain = false (disables skip account matching by email domain if "true" was previously applied)


  1. Once the .config file is saved, the Riva sync service needs to be stopped and started.

  2. This option should only be configured if B2C is the primary functionality for the CRM.  Enabling this option in CRMs where contacts must be matched to a CRM account (org) will result in errors when SmartConvert tries to create new contacts. 

  3. Customers may want to contact Riva support before implementing this App.Setting custom option.

  4. This option should be applied for Riva for GroupWise and GoldMine environments.

Applies to

  • Riva On Premise for Exchange and GroupWise
  • Riva release 2.4.34+
Article ID: 958
Last updated: 13 Jul, 2017
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