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Custom option to enable syncing of HTML notes from GoldMine to Exchange

Article ID: 900
Last updated: 23 Jun, 2015

GoldMine notes are HTML-formatted.  Some customers have reported Outlook formatting issues when looking at notes that had been synced from GoldMine to Exchange.

Apply Custom Option

Riva 2.4.33+ includes a custom option that recognizes the HTML formatting of GoldMine notes and syncs the content so that it is properly displayed in Outlook.

To apply the option:  Apply this option edit the GoldMine connection advanced custom options, and apply the following custom key and value:

"Exchange.BodyType.Html" = "true"

Applies to

  • Riva 2.4.33+
  • Riva for GoldMine and Exchange
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Article ID: 900
Last updated: 23 Jun, 2015
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