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GoldMine: Poll Error - 0 Call did not succeed

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Last updated: 01 Apr, 2015

Situation: GoldMine customer reported seeing "Poll Error - 0 Call did not succeed" in the CRM Service Monitor.

Looking at the Riva crmex-log located in the Riva\Logs folder, they noticed a SQL Query error where they believe the WHERE clause was incorrect,  similar to the below.:

"...WHERE ((main.LASTDATE + CONVERT(CHAR(8), main.LASTTIME, 108))>= '19/03/2015 15:02:41') AND ((main.LASTDATE + CONVERT(CHAR(8), main.LASTTIME, 108))<= '01/04/2015 12:17:51')..."

A closer look by the GoldMine Admin on the SQL Database identified that the date/time format may be different in the SQL Database than that of the Windows System.  Confirm if the settings on the SQL database are different.

Example:  Host Windows system is configured to use DD/MM//YYYY, but the SQL database is set to use MM/DD/YYYY


There have been two solutions that have been able to resolve the issue.  The second solution may be the easiest, and will require your current license and support is active if you need to upgrade Riva.

1. The database admin referred to a resource and was able to rectify the issue themselves.  The article is located here - sion-it.co.uk/tech/setting-sql-server-to-accept-date-in-ddmmyyyy-format/

2. Ensure Riva is running at least version and add an advanced key in the sync policy of:

 GoldMine.SQLDateFormat = dd/MM/yyyy  


GoldMine.SQLDateFormat = MM/dd/yyyy

Additional Assistance

For more information on how to apply a Custom Option Key.                                                                                                                                                      

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Article ID: 1226
Last updated: 01 Apr, 2015
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