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Remove Users from Riva Policy for GroupWise Management and Clear License Count

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Last updated: 15 May, 2012


Target users can be removed from a Riva Policy but the license count is not automatically returned back to the license pool. The license count is returned back to the license pool fifteen days after removing the user from the target user list on the "General" page of a Riva Policy.


In the event you want to add a new user to the Riva Policy but the maximum count was already consumed, Riva will report that the license count for the new target user exceeds the available license count.

To remove users from the Riva Policy and immediately return license counts to the license pool:

  1. In the Riva management application, open the applicable Riva policy.
  2. Under the "General" tab, select the desired target user(s) in target users list and click the Remove >> link.
  3. Save the policy.
  4. In the Riva CRM Monitor application, confirm that the target users have been removed from the list of target users in the sync queue.
  5. In Windows services (services.msc), STOP any Omni.Riva service.
  6. In the Riva application, double-click the Riva logo (top left).  In the "About Riva" window, double-click the Riva release version number information (top right).  This will open Windows Explorer to the Riva installation folder.
  7. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the \Riva\Licenses folder.  Remove all ".licensees" files.
  8. In Windows services (services.msc), STOP any Omni.Riva service.
  9. Close and re-open the Riva application.
  10. Under "Policies", rright-click the desired policy and select "License Details".  Confirm that the license counts have been adjusted to return the unused licenses to the license pool.  Close the "License Details" window.

New users can now be added to the desired policy without encountering an " exceeds available license count" error. 

Applies to

  • Riva for GroupWise Policies & Reports
  • Riva for GroupWise Managed Application
  • Riva for GroupWise Identity Integration

Article ID: 651
Last updated: 15 May, 2012
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