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Match New Contacts Based on "Company Name" and "Email Address"

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Last updated: 02 Jan, 2019

Account / Company Matching

The ability to assign a contact to an existing account and/or create a new account and contact are an integral part of built-in Riva automation logic when email tracking or SmartConvert occurs.

When you archive an email to any of the Riva Drop Folders, Riva checks to see whether the contact and/or account exist in the CRM based on the recipients' email addresses and email domains. 

In summary, when Riva detects an email in one of the Drop Folders, Riva checks to see if the contacts exist in the CRM based on a user email address being assigned to a contact in Salesforce. If the contact does not exist, Riva confirms whether the email domain exists based on the URL (or for certain CRMs, the email address(es) assigned to the account), of the account matching the email domain.  If the email domain exists, Riva creates the contact and adds it to the existing domain. If the email domain is not matched against an account, Riva creates the new account, creates the contact, assigns it to the domain, and archives the email.

Following are the details about the three key criteria that are used when matching contact and accounts in the CRM: Contact, Company Name, and Internet domain name.

Matching Process

When Riva does not match a contact email address in the CRM:

  1. Lookup #1: Does the Contact.CompanyName match an existing Account.Name? If yes, match to existing Account.
  2. Lookup #2: Does the Contact.Emails match an Account.Website or Account.Email? If yes, match to existing Account.
  3. If no Accounts are matched, create a new Account using as much business information as possible from Contact.

Note: In conditions when the Company Name is empty or not available and only the contact email address is available, lookup #1 is skipped.

Various advanced options are available to alter the matching process.

Advanced Option Key Default Value Description
Sync.Crm.AutoCreateAccountsForContacts.Enabled true If no existing accounts match, new accounts will be automatically created.
Sync.Crm.AllowContactsWithNullAccounts (CRM-specific) Create a contact with no related account. Default: True for NetSuite, Salesforce, and SugarCRM.  (Note: Not supported by all CRMs.)
Sync.Crm.CreatePersonAccount (NetSuite-specific) If no existing accounts match, create a PersonAccount. (Note: Not supported by all CRMs.)


true During SmartConvert and appointment contact matching by email, new accounts are automatically created by email domain
Sync.Crm.PersonalEmailDomains (misc.) Comma and semi-colon delimited list of email domains to consider as individual domains in order to skip the matching of accounts based on the account.website or account.email.  Examples: gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com

Modified Contact Detected

When Riva detects that an existing Contact has been modified in Exchange, the contact's "Company Name" field is read.

A process similar to the "New Contact Detected" is used to detect if the Company Name field was changed.

Website and Internet Domain Matching

Depending on the CRM, whether the account has a website or email fields, the match will use as many available fields as possible.

For website matching, the base logic for matching is:

  • {domain}
  • *.{domain}
  • *.{domain}/*
  • http://{domain}
  • http://{domain}/*
  • https://{domain}
  • https://{domain}/*

For email matching, the base logic for matching is:

  • *@{domain}
  • *@*.{domain}

Article ID: 61
Last updated: 02 Jan, 2019
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