IT Solutions Now: How to add "Delegate Full Access" on User Mailboxes

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Last updated: 08 Jul, 2019

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The Riva connection account for Exchange requires "Delegate" full access permissions to the mailboxes of the target users. For on-premises Exchange systems, this is normally configured with Exchange Management Console. For more information, see Riva for Exchange: Understanding Full Access permissions, Delegated Access, and impersonation.

For hosted Exchange services, assigning "Delegate" full access permissions is done using the online Mailbox management management console. Each hosted service uses a similar approach but the management console may differ in appearance.

With hosted Exchange services, the Riva connection account should be an administrator-level account that is granted "Delegate" full access permissions to each target user.

To grant Full Access permissions in IT Solutions Now:

  1. Log in to the Management console as the company admin account.

  2. Choose to manage your email domain.

  3. In the left navigation column, select Mailboxes.

  4. In the list of existing users, select a target user.

  5. In the Edit Mailbox page for the selected user, select the Permissions tab.

  6. Under Full Access > Grant this permission to, select Add.

  7. In the Exchange Address Book window, select the Riva connection account, and select Add Accounts.

  8. In the Edit Mailbox page for the selected target user, ensure that the Riva connection account has been added to the Full Access users list.

  9. At the bottom, select Save Changes.

  10. For the rest of the Exchange target user mailboxes, repeat steps 4–9.

Applies to

  • Riva Cloud Corporate subscriptions.
  • Riva Cloud Company subscriptions.
  • Riva On-Premise for Exchange.

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Article ID: 510
Last updated: 08 Jul, 2019
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