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Modify Usernames to All Lowercase

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Last updated: 31 Jan, 2011

Customer Request

We need to change the case of all our user accounts from uppercase to lowercase. Is this possible to do with EMU?


Yes, EMU can be used to change the username to all lowercase characters.  Create a NewNames.CSV file that contains the DN, Login Name, and NewUserName, for example:

"Distinguished Name","Login Name","NewUserName"
Note:  These instructions assume that the accounts do not have corresponding GroupWise accounts.  This procedure may work with eDirectory accounts that have corresponding GroupWise accounts, but should be tested in your environment.  This procedure is based on an actual test performed against an account in one of our lab environments.
  1. In EMU, highlight the users in the NDS Information pane whose names you want to change and right-click one of the accounts.
  2. Select the "Modify Accounts from File" option and select the NewNames.CSV file.
  3. Select the Account Identifier Field in the data file that links to the login name or the distinguished name or the unique eDirectory value and select the eDirectory Field to Match.  
  4. Select the "Highlighed Accounts" tab to view the accounts that match.  Matching accounts show as green, unmatched accounts show as red.
  5. Select the NDS tab in the top menu.
  6. Select the Identification tab in the side menu.
  7. Select the User Name in the NDS field list and click "OK".
  8. Check "Modify Value", select "Replace Existing" and choose the "NewUserName" field from the data file that contains the new name value.
  9. Select Modify.
  10. User accounts are now renamed.  In the above example the username is changed from 'ATodd' to 'atodd'.
  11. In EMU, minimize the parent container holding the user accounts just modified and then re-expand the container.  The names for the users modified should now display their new account names.  In ConsoleOne, press F5 to refresh the view of the user names. 
There are several KB articles that discuss renaming eDirectory accounts:
Article ID: 296
Last updated: 31 Jan, 2011
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