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Manage GroupWise on OES2 Linux Servers

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Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010

Problem:  When starting EMU 3.6.30+ and connecting to GroupWise domains , I am prompted with a windows login to attach to a Linux server running GroupWise. I have mapped a drive to the domain volume but cannot get past this dialog. Any thoughts/workarounds?

System Requirements:  EMU needs to use the Administratrive APIs of the Novell Client and the GroupWise Admin APIs in the GroupWise client installed on the computer hosting EMU.  In order for EMU to write changes to the GroupWise domains, those domain database files must be located on a NSS volume or NCP Mount Share (NetWare or Linux) or on the local drive of the Windows system hosting the EMU application.  If the GroupWise domains are installed on non-NSS volumes, contact Omni technical staff for assistance.

GroupWise Requirement for Remote Management:  GroupWise server/domains 7.0.2 or higher must be installed on the Linux system in order to permit remote management of the GroupWise system using ConcoleOne or EMU.

Recommended Novel Client Settings:  There are also some changes recommended to be made to the Novell Client on the administrative workstation running ConsoleOne that is connecting to a Linux server.  These changes are recommended in Novell TID 3777653:

Recommended settings for the Novell client:
  1. Right-click on red N letter in a right corner of the system tray and select "Novell Client properties ..."
  2. Click on Advance settings.
  3. Scroll down and find "File Caching" item -> set it to Off.
  4. Scroll down and find "File Caching on Exclusively opened files" -> set it to Off.
  5. Scroll down and find "File Commit" -> set it to On
  6. If asked, reboot the workstation.

Cause of Problem:  The reason this occurs is because GroupWise domain pathing is different when installed on a Linux box that when installed on NetWare or Windows.  EMU uses the Windows API calls to access the wpdomain.db path as conifigured in the UNC path in the properties of the domain.   So, Windows applications, including ConsoleOne on Windows, call the UNC path and ConsoleOne on Linux calls the value set in System Preferences.  Make sure that these two values are set correctly for the two different systems.

Resolution:  To ensure remote management of GroupWise by either ConsoleOne or EMU from Windows:

  • Confirm the Linux Settings path on the Linux Server
  • Confirm the Domain paths are set to the UNC path for each Domain

Confirm the Linux Settings path on the Linux Server: The value that is read by ConsoleOne running on the Linux box is stored in GroupWise System | Tools | GroupWise System Operations | System Preferences.  This is where the Linux path to the wpdomain.db.  See TID 3445996 for more information about this configuration option.  From the Linux server where GroupWise is hosted, open ConsoleOne and confirm that the path specified in GroupWise System | Tools | GroupWise System Operations | System Preferences, under the Linux Settings, the path is set to /mnt.

Confirm the Domain paths are set to the UNC path for each Domain:  Install and use ConsoleOne (with GroupWise snap-ins) on a Windows system that is authenticated to the eDirectory tree hosting the GroupWise system.

  1. Use Windows explorer or Windows Network Neighborhood to navigate to the location of the wpdomain.db file for that GroupWise domain.
  2. Copy (Ctrl+C) the UNC path from Windows Explorer.
  3. Paste (Ctrl+V) the UNC path into the "UNC Path:" textbox for the GroupWise Domain object in ConsoleOne.
  4. In ConsoleOne, click "Apply" or "OK" to save the changes.

Article ID: 178
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010
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