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Customizing the Context View in Riva Insight 2017.3 or Higher

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Last updated: 03 Sep, 2021
This article is not completely up to date. The articles that this article links to may be not completely up to date either. For questions or concerns, contact the Riva Success Team.

"Context view" used to be called "Insight panel". The context view displays information from your CRM based on what email or meeting the end user selects in Outlook, or as a result of a search. The context view items appear in a Summary View or a Detail View.

In Riva Insight 2017.3 or higher, various customizations are available:

Displaying Additional Fields for Accounts, Contacts, and Appointments

The sample Riva Insight 2017.3 screen shot displays these examples of additional fields under the account: Head Office phone number, Industry type, Revenue, and number of employees. The example of an additional field under the contact is Name of Assistant.

In Riva Insight 2017.3 or higher, the context view can display additional CRM fields under accounts and contacts.

In version 2018.3 or higher, the context view can display additional fields under appointments. (In version 2018.3, the basic display of appointments requires some configuration by the Riva Success Team. Contact us.)

The additional fields can be standard CRM fields or custom fields you have added to your CRM.

With the additional fields, you can:

  • Display an icon next to (or in lieu of) the label.
  • Show or hide the label or icon.
  • Create a hyperlink based on the same or other fields.
  • Combine multiple fields to display as a single field.

See also Configuring the display of CRM fields in the context view.

To find out more on adding fields to the context view, contact the Riva Success Team.

Applying Your Company Branding

The sample Riva Insight 2017.3 screen shot display customized corporate logos and colours.

You can have Riva Insight customized with your own logos and colours:

  1. Add your corporate logo in the header, and use it to link directly to your corporate website or intranet.
  2. Add a secondary logo, which can be used to link directly to your CRM or other application.
  3. Set a primary colour for the headings and links.
  4. Set a secondary colour for the separators.

To rebrand Riva Insight with your own logos and colours, contact the Riva Success Team.


  • The screen shot was taken from Riva Insight 2017.3. Since then, the Riva logo has changed.
  • In Riva Insight 2021.3 or higher:
    • By default, the Riva logos no longer appear in the Riva Insight header.
    • If Riva Insight was customized to display one or two logos of your choice, they will still appear.
    • Riva Insight still supports adding logos or updating existing ones.

Displaying Contacts That Belong to the Same Email Domain As Yours

By default, Riva Insight displays only external contacts, but Riva Insight 2018.3 or higher can be customized to display also contacts that belong to the same email domain as yours. To customize that behaviour and configure other filtering options, see Filter emails by domain and more in Riva Insight.

Customizing the Upcoming Events and Recent Interactions in the Contact Information

In Riva Insight 2018.3 or higher, in the contact information, the following customizations are available:

  • The types of events or interactions that are displayed can be configured. For example, for events, email and appointments could be displayed but not tasks.
  • The events section or the interactions section or both can be completely removed.
  • The labels, "Upcoming Events" and "Recent Interactions", can be renamed.

For more information, contact the Riva Success Team.

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Article ID: 1702
Last updated: 03 Sep, 2021
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