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Manually Create a GroupWise 2012 Trusted Application Key

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Last updated: 22 Oct, 2015

The Riva Enterprise GroupWise connection needs to use a GroupWise Trusted Application Key to provide the GroupWise connection user account with full access to the user mailboxes.

The Riva GroupWise Connection wizard includes a wizard to create a GroupWise trusted application key, but the format for keys created by that wizard are not compatible with GroupWise 2012. The best practise recommendation is to manually create a GroupWise trusted application key using ConsoleOne with GroupWise snap-ins.

Create a Trusted Application Key by Using ConsoleOne

To create a new trusted application key by using ConsoleOne and apply that key to Riva GroupWise connections

  1. Log in to the eDirectory tree as an admin user.

  2. In ConsoleOne with applicable version of GroupWise snap-ins, select the GroupWise system object in the tree view pane.

  3. On the main menu, select Tools, then GroupWise System Operations, and then Trusted Applications.

  4. In the Configure Trusted Applications window, select Create.

  5. Complete the form.

    Ensure that you specify a path and name for the key file, because you will need to edit it.

  6. Select OK to view your new key in the Configure Trusted Applications window.

  7. Edit the key file file you just created …

    ... to show the key name and key value:

  8. Save the file.

    It will be used when the Riva Enterprise GroupWise connection is created.

Article ID: 779
Last updated: 22 Oct, 2015
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