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Omni.Sync.ItemSyncException: systemuser With Id ... Does Not Exist

Article ID: 473
Last updated: 02 Nov, 2016


In Riva On-Premise, the same user keeps generating the following error repeatedly, quickly filling up the log files.

2011-08-02 13:39:51,046 ERROR [CTP-zgp #1] **** EXCEPTION ****************************************************************************************************
2011-08-02 13:39:51,046 ERROR [CTP-zgp #1] *     Omni.Sync.ItemSyncException: [0x80040217:appointment] systemuser With Id = 9568afcb-454e-e011-a3ba-00155d007b10 Does Not Exist


The issue has a combination of two causes:

  • Riva On-Premise mapped an appointment recipient to a user id that does not exist in the CRM. The user may have been deleted and recreated, or just removed from the CRM.
  • You are using an old version of Riva On-Premise, because this error does not occur in recent versions.


Article ID: 473
Last updated: 02 Nov, 2016
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