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What is Riva CRM Integration?

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Last updated: 10 Sep, 2020

Riva CRM Integration delivers transparent, always-on, server-side, two-way synchronization of appointments, tasks, notes, phone calls, contacts, leads, and accounts between the leading CRM systems and leading email systems.

Riva CRM Integration is installed once on a server in your environment (physical or virtual). Your Riva administrator has full control over which CRM information is synchronized to your email system. Riva's advanced integration features allow CRM opportunities, support cases, quotes, etc. to be synchronized to your email server and be opened directly from your email client. The Riva AssignTo feature allows you to assign an email to an existing contact, opportunity, support incident, or quote with a simple drag-and-drop from your inbox.

Riva's advanced SmartConvert Drop Folders™ interoperability feature allows you to automatically convert a customer email into a CRM opportunity, service request (case), quote, custom object, or tracked email.

Anywhere, any time access to CRM data – for all desktop and mobile clients

Because Riva provides synchronization directly between the target CRM and email systems, there are no Outlook plug-ins, HCL Notes Windows plug-ins, browser plug-ins, or mobile applications to install on any laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. Enter a task as complete on your mobile device, and that task is marked as completed in your CRM.

Riva CRM Integration is compatible with several major CRM and email systems. Riva provides access to your CRM data from your email client - any time, anywhere!

Types of Riva servers for Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, G Suite, and HCL Notes

  • Riva On-Premise: The Riva On-Premise server runs on a server (physical or virtual) in your environment and synchronizes data for multiple users. Multiple sync policies can be created to satisfy the different sync requirements of users based on their role in the organization. Riva On-Premise is recommended for companies that want complete control over the standard and advanced sync functions provided by Riva.
  • Riva Cloud (SaaS): Riva Cloud provides Synchronization as a Service (SaaS). With Riva Cloud, there is no software to install or manage in your environment. Riva Cloud is the quickest and easiest way for you to enjoy the benefits of transparent, always-on integration. You can sign up for a free 15-day trial. Riva Cloud is recommended for users and companies that do not want to install and manage the Riva On-Premise server in their environments. Riva Cloud offers four value packages.
  • Riva for Developers: Riva for Developers offers a software development kit (SDK) that allows third-party developers and companies to develop custom integrations for proprietary databases and Line-of-Business applications. These target systems use Riva to sync data to customers' email systems and other line-of-business applications. Riva for Developers supports web service communication (RESTful, JSON, SOAP), SQL, and other proprietary interfaces for application integration. For more information, contact us.

Server-side, always-on synchronization replaces email client, mobile app, and browser plug-ins

Server-side Integration – Riva delivers the first server-side, enterprise-level platform that synchronizes your CRM to Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, G Suite, and HCL Notes. Install and configure Riva once on a separate server (not on your email server), and create policies that control which user accounts are synchronized by which sync policies. Yes
Multi-CRM, Multi-Email Support – Riva CRM Integration provides server-side, always-on integration and interoperability for the leading CRM systems and leading email systems. Yes
Multi-platform Support – Need CRM integration for other CRM or email platforms? Contact us about Riva for Developers to meet your company's integration needs. Yes
Core CRM Integration – Synchronize calendar items (appointments, phone calls, tasks, notes) and address books (contacts, leads, accounts) between your email system – Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, HCL Notes – and your CRM. The synchronization is transparent to the end user and occurs at regular intervals. Yes
Advanced CRM Integration and Interoperability – Riva delivers advanced integration and interoperability capabilities not available with other CRM integration options. For many sales and support organizations, the ability to quickly and easily track emails against CRM opportunities, quotes, or cases and access this CRM information directly from the user's mail client can save end users up to 30% of their time and unlock the value (and adoption) of your CRM. Imagine having online and offline access to your relevant CRM opportunities, quotes, support incidents (cases), and other modules directly from within your email clients without having to constantly switch between applications. Riva's SmartConvert drop folders and the Riva ConnectBar deliver on these needs. Yes

Looking for information on Riva Cloud - synchronization in the cloud?

Riva Cloud delivers Synchronization-as-a Service (SaaS) — without having to install or manage Riva on a server in your environment. Riva Cloud delivers the power of Riva — in the Cloud. Riva Cloud is recommended for everything from small numbers of users to large organizations that want to leverage the power and simplicity of the Cloud. For more information, see What is Riva Cloud?.

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