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Riva Bookings 2023.3 Release Notes

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Last updated: 02 Oct, 2023

Introducing Availability Time Range

Imagine you are attending a 1-week event where you have the opportunity to meet with your clients and you want your normal work hours as your availability. Currently, the availability link does not support this use case. With availability time rages, you can define exactly what time range you want the availability link to be valid for.  To use this, simply toggle on "Set availability time range" to set your time range.

New Outlook web add-in Bookings experience

We have recently revamped the experience of using Riva Bookings directly from Outlook. Note that this experience is only available for the web add-in. Here are some key advantages of the web add-in experience vs the windows add-in experience:

  • Cleaner user interface
  • Ability to create single use link and availability link directly from Outlook

One downside to the web add-in is that it currently does not support the "Smart Suggested Times" feature that is available on the windows add-in. 

For more information, view new Riva Bookings experience in Outlook.


- These functionalities are available in our Riva for Revenue Operations or Riva for Data Compliance bundle

- The new Riva Bookings Outlook experience is also available on as a standalone without the need to purchase Riva Insight

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Article ID: 2429
Last updated: 02 Oct, 2023
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