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Riva Insight Windows Add-in Bookings Experience

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Last updated: 03 Oct, 2023

Riva Insight allows users to interact with Riva Bookings directly from Riva Insight to increase productivity and user experience.

This feature is supported on:

  • Riva Insight Server 2022.2 or later

and with any of the following Insight clients:

  • Riva Insight Windows Add-In 2022.2 or later
  • Riva Insight Web Add-In for Outlook Desktop
  • Riva Insight Web Add-In for Outlook on the Web

Accessing Bookings from Riva Insight

  • On email compose (create new email, reply to an email, forward, etc.), the "Insert Availability" link will appear in the gray bar.
  • Clicking on the link will open a modal (different modals depending on if you are a new user or not)

If you are a new user

If you are a new user and currently don't have any availability links created, this is the modal you will see.

The first step as a new user is to log in to the web portal to set the settings and your availability as you see fit and create your first availability link to send to others. By clicking on "Create your first availability link", a new browser window will pop up and you will be automatically logged in to your account. Don't forget to reload Insight to see your availability link show up in Insight.

Note: At this point, an account has already been created for you by your organization.

For Returning Users

If you have at least one link created, you can now directly access them from Riva Insight without needing to copy your link manually from the browser.

Inserting Availability

  • The dropdown in the modal will list all of the availability links you have created and the option to insert a link in the email. 
  • Simply select the one you want and click on "Insert Availability".
  • The link will be inserted into your email body to wherever your cursor was last

Inserting Pre-Defined Availability Times with Smart Suggested Times (available from Insight Windows Add-in 2022.4)

  • This feature is used to lessen friction for recipients to schedule a meeting with you. By clicking on a pre-defined timeslot, they don't have to go through the extra step of selecting a date and time while going through the recipient experience
  • Clicking on the checkbox "Smart Suggested Times" will enable this feature
  • You can specify the time zone of the pre-defined times to match where your recipient is located
  • By default, 3 times will be inserted. You can modify this in Settings -> Bookings

If you would like to add/edit availability links or change settings, you can log in to your web portal via the "Manage" button, which will open a browser and automatically log you in,

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Article ID: 2272
Last updated: 03 Oct, 2023
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