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Riva CRM 2.4.16 (2010.10.05)

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Last updated: 04 Nov, 2010

In this Release.  This is a maintenance and update release that includes:

  • License:  License wizard will allow selection of multiple email domains for Exchange.
  • CRMGw:  Add "Filter by: All visible" and "Filter by: Must be owner" options to all modules under "Other" in policy.
  • CRMEx:  Add "Owner" custom field to each item being synchronized from CRM to Exchange.
  • SmartConvert:  Added attachment filter option to specify maximum allowable file size by extension type.  Filter option added to CRM policy in 2.4.17 (2010.10.22)
  • Sage:  Added ability to send Http authentication.
  • CRM:  Deletion conflicts to be moved to "Lost and Found".  If a deletion is synched from the CRM, but the item in Exchange has been modified, the item is placed in the "Lost and Found" to preserve any data that might be there.
  • CRM:  Task alarms will be disabled if the task is completed.
  • CRM:  Added "Contact Deletion Options" under "Advanced Options" in policy to synchronize contact deletions from Exchange.
  • CRM:  Added 'Privilege Exception Handling Options' for create, modify and delete under "Advanced Options" in the policy.
  • Updates:  If Check for Updates fails, a window will open to display a KB article to explain how to manually apply the latest update.
  • Various maintenance enhancements and fixes.

Recommended Update Procedures: 

  • If you are running Riva 2.3.0 (or higher) you can perform a normal "Check for Updates" procedure.
  • If you are updating from a previous version of Riva, before you update to version 2.3.0 (or higher), delete all of the address books, calendars and folders Riva had previously created in the users' accounts.  You will also need to either delete your existing Policy and create a new one or re-initialize all users and check ALL of the option tabs and folder names to confirm the new options.  By creating a new policy, you are working with a clean set of data.

Previous Release:   Riva CRM 2.4.15 (2010.09.17)

Article ID: 184
Last updated: 04 Nov, 2010
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