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Your Free 30-Minute Introduction to Riva Cloud CRM Integration

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Last updated: 03 Jan, 2020

In order to help you best use and configure Riva, our Riva Success Team offers a free 30-minute Riva Cloud Get Started Session (GSS).

What Do I Get?

Riva's GSS is designed to help

  • non-technical users get up to speed, configuring their connections to CRM and email;
  • users who have outsourced their email services, to ensure that their email connections are configured correctly the first time;
  • users who are new to CRM, to quickly configure Riva connections to CRM and email; and
  • any users who have questions or want to get the absolute most out of their sync policy.

How Do I Get My GSS?

  1. To receive your free GSS, you need to be using a supported email platform and CRM provider — see our list of supported products. If you are not sure if we support your product, or would like to speak with us about creating Riva support for a specific product, contact us.
  2. Decide whether to use Riva in Company mode (five or fewer users) or in Corporate mode.
    • In Company Mode, all users have an individual sync profile to manage, which means that corporation-wide changes must be made on every policy separately. This allows more customization but requires more work.
    • In Corporate Mode, one sync policy is created to manage all Riva syncing users. This is required for larger implementations.
    • For more information on the difference between Company and Corporate modes, see Riva Cloud subscription options (Which mode is right for you?) or contact us.
  3. If you plan to move forward with Corporate mode, configure your email environment as follows: Instructions for Exchange, for HCL Notes, and for G Suite.
  4. To schedule your Get Started Session with a member of our team, contact us, and include the following information:
  • Your name,
  • Your company's name,
  • The name of your email platform and the name of the provider if it's a cloud-based system,
  • The name of your CRM system and the name of the provider if it's a cloud-based system,
  • Your preferred Riva Cloud sync mode (Company or Corporate),
  • An estimate of the number of users that need to sync with Riva, and
  • A short list of convenient dates and times (including your time zone) to schedule a remote meeting for your Riva Get Started Session.

Thank you for considering Riva. We look forward to helping you save time with Riva's seamless CRM integration!

Article ID: 1415
Last updated: 03 Jan, 2020
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