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Riva On-Premise 2.4.40 (2015.11.27) - Release Notes

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Last updated: 17 Aug, 2016

These release notes provide a quick overview of the major enhancements and fixes included in the following release:

Release version:
Release date: 2015.11.27
Latest Hotfix: (2016.02.05)
Update procedure: How to update Riva
Manual update procedure How to update Riva from a ZIP file

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Highlights of Changes Included in 2.4.40

Changes Included in This Release

Changes to the Riva Manager Application


  • .NET 4.x dependency notice
    If Riva detects that .NET 4.0 or higher is required to meet a dependency for a specific connection, an error window explains that an upgrade to .NET 4.0 or higher is required.
    Availability: Riva release

  • Creation of app.config files for .NET 4.x-only operation
    If Riva detects that .NET 3.5 is not available, Riva creates app.config files to support running the Riva Manager application and the Riva CRM Sync Agent services on .NET 4.x.

  • Riva Updater is now 64-bit aware
    If the Riva updater engine detects that an outdated 64-bit version of the services is installed, it installs the most recent 64-bit version of those services. If a 64-bit service (executable) is not detected, Riva installs the most recent 32-bit version by default. If both a 64-bit and a 32-bit versions are detected, the most recent of both are reinstalled.

  • Updated connection names
    The Manage Your Connections page now displays more email connection names and several updated CRM or email connection names..

    • Microsoft Exchange 2013: Added
    • Microsoft Exchange 2016: Added.
    • CRM: Bluefin. Removed. (No longer supported.)
    • CRM: info@hand. Updated to CRM: 1CRM (info@hand).
    • CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Updated to CRM: Microsoft Dynamicsr CRM 4 (Legacy).
    • CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Updated to CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011+.
    • CRM: OracleFusion. Removed.
    • CRM: SalesLogix. Updated to CRM: Infor CRM (SLX).
    • Google (Beta). Added.
    • IBM Lotus Notes. Updated to IBM Notes.

Changes to the Riva CRM Service Monitor Application


  • Improved notification when Riva connections are left configured for Fiddler
    After using Fiddler for a troubleshooting session, Riva staff or users sometimes forget to disable the proxy settings before closing Fiddler. That mistake makes Riva no longer able to connect.
    Solution: If Riva is unable to connect to target systems, Riva now determines whether the proxy settings are enabled and have a localhost or as the host. If true, Riva raises a critical error with a specific error message like: "Unable to connect. Did you leave your Fiddler proxy settings enabled after turning off Fiddler?"

Changes to Riva Sync Policies

Changes to the Riva sync policy for Exchange

New feature

  • Restore Lost And Found Items
    Selecting the re-initialization option "Restore Lost And Found Items" returns items from a Riva Lost and Found folder to their original location.
    Learn more: Restore Riva Lost & Found items.

Changes for the Riva sync policy for GroupWise SDK

New feature

  • GroupWise SDK Connection
    Riva has a new connection for GroupWise that uses the Riva SDK. This connection supports snapshot polling for transactions, which allows the implementation of a new sync policy that follows the Exchange model.
    Important note: This new feature is currently for technical evaluation only. For instructions, contact the Riva Success Team.

Changes to CRM Connections / Sync Policy

New features

  • Importing a user list from a .csv file
    On the General page of the Edit CRM Synchronization Policy window, Riva supports importing a list of mailboxes from a .csv file.
    Learn more: Import mailboxes from a .CSV file.

  • Rolling MaxStartDate for appointments and recurring series (Exchange to CRM)
    Added custom options to implement a rolling maximum start date for appointments and recurring series to reduce the number of calendar items created in the CRM. As time progresses, Riva would create new calendar items as they fall into scope.
    Learn more: Implement a rolling maximum start date filter for email to CRM calendar sync.

  • New organic filtering option
    Added an organic filter option to enable or disable contact references on a per-module basis.
    Note: This new option is set to True by default.
    Learn more: References

  • Added contact filters and sync workflow options
    Added three buttons to the Address Books page of the sync policies for Exchange (EWS), Notes, and Google Apps. The buttons respectively open the following edit settings windows: Contact Duplication Prevention, Contact Required Fields, and Contact Advanced Flow Control.

    • Contact duplication detection options
      Added options to ignore duplicate checking, prevent duplicate creation, or relate email to CRM contact records when duplicates are discovered.
      Learn more: Contact duplicate prevention: Detection and handling guide.

    • Contact required fields
      Riva administrators can now select up to five email contact record fields that must contain data before Riva can sync new contact records to the CRM. This is a valuable filter that prevents incomplete contacts from being created in the CRM.
      Learn more: Contact required fields: Configuration guide.

    • Advanced flow control
      Riva now has options to modify the default handling of contact creations, updates, and deletions when originated in the CRM or email system.
      Learn more: Advanced flow control.


  • More functionality on the Sync Start Time page
    In the CRM Synchronization Policy window, on the Sync Start Time page, selecting column headers sorts the data in alphanumeric order. Riva has new ways to manage the user entities and apply the re-init options.
    Learn more: Manage syncing users and re-initialization options for sync policies.

  • License failure notification
    For each policy that has email notifications enabled, if the policy fails to load because the license has expired, a notification is raised.

CRM-specific enhancements or fixes


Fixed issue

  • DateTime Conversion Out-of-Range Error
    A "Poll Error - 0 Call did not succeed" error in the CRM Service Monitor may indicate that the date/time format used in the SQL Database is not the same as on the Windows System.
    Example: Host Windows system is configured to use DD/MM//YYYY, but the SQL database is set to use MM/DD/YYYY.
    Solution: Use a custom option to configure Riva to use the same date format as the SQL database instead of the Windows date format.
    Learn more: GoldMine: Poll error - 0 call did not succeed


  • Ability to prevent syncing the Outlook middle name
    Added sync policy custom option to turn off the syncing of the middle name value from Exchange to GoldMine.
    Learn more: GoldMine: Disable syncing contact middle name from Outlook

  • "Dear" field sync
    The Sync the GoldMine contact "Dear" field with the Exchange "Salutation" field option is now disabled by default. Also, a new custom option and procedure enable Riva to remove the Dear field from the Exchange contact record.
    Learn more: Contact sync options in the GoldMine connection

Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • Riva sets a topic when creating a lead from an email sync Exchange to CRM
    When Riva syncs an email from Exchange to CRM and SmartConvert creates a new lead for a non-matched recipient, the CRM lead topic is formatted as “[company name], [lead's first name], [lead's last name], Created by Riva”.
    Example: Riva uses an email sent to Ian.Sample@example.com to create a lead in the CRM with the topic "example.com, Ian, Sample, Created by Riva".

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Fixed issue

  • Syncing contacts
    An error prevented more than five contacts from syncing during each sync poll.


New feature

  • Request-level authentication option in NetSuite connection
    Added the "Using Request Level Credentials to Login" option to both the NetSuite CRM Wizard and the NetSuite CRM Connection Edit window.
    Note: This new option is selected by default.
    Learn more: Step 5: If required, set other NetSuite sync options.


  • Contact sync filters are subsidiary-aware by default
    By default, when Riva syncs contacts from NetSuite to the email system, Riva limits the scope of the All Visible and By Owner filters to the defined subsidiary. A new custom option can be used to disable this default behaviour.
    Learn more: Subsidiary awareness


Critical Announcement


  • Riva records the "Date Received" or "Date Sent" in converted emails
    When Riva syncs an email to Salesforce, the description now includes either "Date Sent:" or "Date Received:", and it reflects the user's local time.
    Example: Date Received: 2015-02-03 13:26:12 -07:00.

  • Option to set the owner of the email to be the sender of the email if the sender is a user
    Set the following option for the CRM connection:
    Crm.Salesforce.SetEmailSenderAsOwner = True
    Otherwise, the owner is set to be the current sync user. In some deployments, it makes sense to set the owner to the sender of the email. For example, in an Auto-Inbox, Auto-SentItem deployment with duplicate removal based on ExternalId, everyone who gets a copy of an email is the potential syncer of the email. In these cases, the owner ends up being random, based on who syncs the email first.

Fixed issues

  • Country and state pick lists
    If a user enabled country and state pick lists in Salesforce (Setup > Data Management > Country and State pick lists), but a contact's country and/or state values did not match the values on the pick lists, Riva reported an error when attempting to sync that contact.
    Solution: Riva now has a custom option used to support country and state pick lists.
    Learn more: Support for Salesforce state and country pick lists.

  • Timezone error for Argentina/Buenos Aires
    Riva reported an "Unable to find matched timezone America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires" error.
    Solution: Riva now includes a timezone mapping for America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires.

  • New custom fields not recognized
    Continued "INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE: sObject contains invalid fields" error conditions consumed extra API calls to force Riva to do a Salesforce lookup to confirm that new custom fields were valid.
    Solution: New custom fields are now permanently added to the CRM connection metadata.

SAP Cloud for Customer

Fixed issue

Email-System Specific Connections, Enhancements, and Fixes

Exchange/Outlook-specific connections, enhancements, and fixes

Fixed issue

  • Riva now automatically sets Sync.Ex.Email.CheckSentOrReceived.Enabled
    Exchange 2013 introduced a different method for handling Sent Items, and Riva was no longer moving converted emails from Riva email drop folders back to the Sent Items folder.
    Solution: Riva 2.4.37 added the custom option "Sync.Ex.Email.CheckSentOrReceived.Enabled" to correct that issue. Riva 2.4.40 now autodetects the Exchange version in use and sets "Sync.Ex.Email.CheckSentOrReceived.Enabled = true" if required.

IBM Notes-specific connections, enhancements, and fixes

Fixed issue

  • Recurring appointments cancelled in Notes not being deleted from CRM
    Run a Re-init Resync to force the items to be removed.


  • Domino HTTP Service Timeout now set in minutes
    Added the HTTP Service Timeout (In Minutes) option to the Notes connection to set the Domino HTTP service timeout in minutes instead of in seconds.

Google Apps-specific connections, enhancements, and fixes

Fixed issue

  • Invalid Key error
    The Google connector shows the "[InvalidParameter] Bad Request:-Execution of request failed" error.
    Cause: The Google interface allows user-defined keys to be empty strings, but the API does not.
    Solution: Riva now ignores attempts to update a field with an empty key. If you want to replace the empty keyword with the value [Unknown], set the following new custom option for the sync policy: Sync.Google.ReplaceEmptyKeysWithConstant = True .


  • Defaults for Google connection
    Modified the Riva connection to Google Apps to select the calendar package option by default and to remove unsupported features (colour choosing except for calendars, contact links for calendars and tasks, private tasks, and help links to Exchange-specific contents).
    Solution: Upgrade Riva to release or

GroupWise-specific connections, enhancements, and fixes


  • Birthday and anniversary appointments
    By default, Riva now automatically filters appointments whose subject line starts with "Anniversary:" or "Birthday:". Riva has new advanced custom options to disable the filter or to change one or both of the filter words ("Anniversary:" and "Birthday:").
    Learn more: Filter GroupWise anniversary and birthday appointments.

GroupWise SDK-specific connections, enhancements, and fixes

New feature

  • GroupWise SDK Connection
    Riva has a new connection for GroupWise that uses the Riva SDK. This connection supports snapshot polling for transactions, which allows the implementation of a new sync policy that follows the Exchange model.
    Important note: This new feature is currently for technical evaluation only. For instructions, contact the Riva Success Team.

Changes to the Riva Server or Sync Workflow

Fixed issue

  • Conflict handling rules for one-way sync
    For address book and task syncing, when Riva detects that the same item was modified in both the CRM and the email system, Riva ensures the following:
    • For CRM to email syncing, the CRM change overrides the email change.
    • For email to CRM syncing, the email change overrides the CRM change.

New features

  • Prevent accidentally syncing calendars when impersonation is disabled
    Riva has been modified so that if a sync policy has "connection options" set to "Use the configured CRM account", has any calendar module enabled, AND has multiple users, the sync should be canceled with an error. If you encounter that error, contact the Riva Success Team for an assessment and solution. The goal is is to prevent accidentally syncing calendars without impersonation, which would cause all sorts of problems.

  • Enable searching by CrmID
    Using new advanced options can make the sync search for an item in the CRM or email system by CrmID.
    Learn more: Enable searching for CRM or email system items by CrmID.

  • Automatic removal of "- Create New" email drop folders
    If the Other page of the sync policy is changed to no longer sync a module, or if a SmartConvert processing option is selected to hide an email drop folder, then Riva removes the corresponding drop folders from all of the users' mailboxes during the next sync poll.

  • Hash the metadata
    New custom options enable hashing the metadata and specifying which method to use.
    Learn more: Hash the Riva sync metadata with MD5, SHA1, or SHA256.

Support for Riva Insight

Riva On-Premise now fully supports Riva Insight Track in CRM.

Special Option That Can Be Enabled Only by Riva Professional Services

This release of Riva includes a special option that only Riva Professional Services can enable and configure. To request the following feature, contact the Riva Success Team.

  • Universal Change Detection (UCD)

    Warning: Do not configure UCD before contacting the Riva Success Team to discuss how to configure it.

    UCD is used to prioritize user sync polls based on user updates to CRM data. UCD triggers immediate user sync polls for users who have created, deleted, or updated an item in the CRM.

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