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Riva Cloud Delete Safety

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Last updated: 31 Jul, 2018

Riva's Delete Safety is a feature that reduces the likelihood of unintentional mass deletions when syncing your CRM and email system. When the number of queued deletions exceeds a threshold, Delete Safety issues an error, and Riva does not process the deletions.

Example of a Delete Safety Error


Every time Riva Cloud processes deletions — once every four hours — it checks if the number of items queued up for deletion exceeds one or more of the following default threshold values:

  • Contacts: 250 items or 25% of the currently synced items.
  • Appointments: 50 items or 10% of the currently synced items.
  • Tasks: 50 items or 75% of the currently synced items.
  • Other Modules: 100 items or 25% of the currently synced items.

To change the thresholds, contact the Riva Success Team.

Common Triggers of Delete Safety

  • Mass deleting email or CRM items.
  • Reassigning contacts or sales territories in the CRM.
  • Deleting a recurring appointment.

Delete Safety is triggered most commonly on contacts and calendar items.


  • Because Riva processes deletions every four hours, rather than every sync cycle, deletions over the course of a business day can add up quickly.

  • You may not have deleted a single item. If contacts were reassigned or are managed automatically by rules in the CRM, they may have been removed from you as owner.

  • Every occurrence of a deleted recurring meeting counts as one deletion and may show on the account of anyone who was invited to the meeting and syncs with Riva.

  • If you have few items synced in a particular module, it is easy to exceed the Delete Safety threshold. For example, if in one module you have 50 items synced to the CRM, deleting five items in that module triggers Delete Safety.

Possible Solutions for Riva Cloud Delete Safety Errors

When a Delete Safety error occurs, investigate the queued deletions.

  • If you have determined that the deletions were intentional, see Allow deletions blocked by Delete Safety - Riva Cloud.

  • If you have determined that the deletions were unintentional or you want to err on the side of caution, please contact the Riva Success Team and indicate that you would like us to skip the pending deletions — let us know which user or users are affected.

  • If you are uncertain where the deletions originated from, contact the Riva Success Team to request additional details. As per our company policy, Riva does not store client data; the information we can provide is limited. Generally we can provide the CRM IDs of the first ten pending deletions per module; however, even that is not guaranteed. Then again, it is possible to configure Riva to increase that number.

If Delete Safety errors frequently occur and you consider increasing your Delete Safety thresholds, contact the Riva Success Team.

Other possible solutions available by contacting the Riva Success Team:

  • Skip detected deletions for specific modules.
  • Disable the Delete Safety filter completely.

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Article ID: 1350
Last updated: 31 Jul, 2018
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