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How to Upgrade EMU

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Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010

License Requirements:  The EMU upgrade process cannot detect if the license file is current for support.  If you upgrade an existing EMU installation, and support has expired, EMU will revert to Demo Mode.  Uninstalling EMU and reinstalling the previous version of EMU should restore the license.  User should always verify that they have a current license file with support before performing an upgrade installation of EMU.

Upgrade Process:  The EMU installation process will stop if an earlier version of EMU is already installed.  As new features are added to EMU, there can be conflicts caused by the new/modified APIs that are used.  Given the combination and permutations of workstation, client, service pack and other configurations, the EMU installation programme is not always able to properly delete all files.  This can cause conflicts with "outdated" files from previous installations. 

Upgrade Procedure:  To perform a trouble-free upgrade of EMU, we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Make backup copies of your CP, .LIC and data files from your current Program Files\Omni\EMU folder to a safe location.

  2. Uninstall EMU.

  3. Download and install the most recent release of EMU.

  4. Copy any .CP, .LIC and data files from EMU.OLD or from the backup location that you want to retain from your previous installation.

  5. After confirming you have all of your files from the previous installation, delete EMU.OLD.

Licensing:  EMU cannot be upgraded unless you have a license that includes Software Upgrade Protection.  All EMU licences include 30 days of upgrade protection from the date of purchase.  Additional support must be purchased (30% of original purchase price per annum).  Please contact licensing at  +1.780.423.4200 to confirm the current status of your license.

Article ID: 132
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2010
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