Upgrade Guide - Upgrading Riva Connector

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Last updated: 09 Oct, 2019


This article is meant to be used as a reference for clients who are working with our professional services team. Please follow the instructions with care.

Applies to: Riva for Domino and HCL Notes (formerly known as IBM Notes or Lotus Notes).

This article provides an overview of the overall process required to upgrade an existing deployment of the Riva Connector.

However, we recommend deploying a new Riva Connector. Append the database name with today's date. Instructions to deploy the Riva Connector.

If you decide to upgrade instead, this is the overall process for the Notes team to perform:

  1. Download the updated Riva Connector.
  2. Extract to Domino server replacing the existing .NTF 
  3. Ensure that the .NTF appears as a "template".
  4. Run the fix-up for the template.
  5. Sign the template with the Server ID.
  6. Replace the design of the existing application with this template.
    Note: It is recommended that the application not automatically inherit future design changes.

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Article ID: 1143
Last updated: 09 Oct, 2019
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