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Two Primary Applications Used to Manage Riva On-Premise

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Last updated: 07 May, 2018

Two primary applications are used to manage Riva On-Premise:

The Riva Manager Application

The Riva Manager application is used to carry out the following operations:

  • Set up the email system and CRM system connection accounts;
  • License your installation;
  • Create, configure, and enable or disable your sync policies.

To start the Riva Manager application:

  • Open or run the Riva\Riva.exe file.
    By default, the location is c:\Riva.

The Riva Service Monitor Application

The Riva Service Monitor is used to provide

  • a real-time view of the sync operations for one or more or all users;
  • the ability to stop, start, or restart the service; and
  • the ability to review the sync error count and review the specific data sync errors by selecting the Errors tab.

For more information, see Riva Service Monitor.

Article ID: 506
Last updated: 07 May, 2018
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