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Common Questions About Riva On-Premise Deployments

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Last updated: 04 Oct, 2016

Here are some common questions and answers related to deploying a Riva On-Premise server:

  • Question: How long does a typical "Riva deployment" take?

    Answer: Provided that all preparations have been completed, a Riva On-Premise server can be installed, licensed, configured, enabled, and monitored for first time sync polls between 90 minutes to 3 hours. The length of time varies depending on the skill and experience of the individuals conducting the deployment.

  • Question: What is the difference between a "trial", "pilot", and "production" Riva deployment?

    Answer: Any customer can be provided a no-cost "trial" license for 5 users that is good for 15 days to evaluate and confirm if Riva is a viable sync solution. Larger enterprise customers may want to deploy a "Pilot" environment to test a small group of users with real data before approving a full "production" deployment.

  • Question:  What kind of support is provided during "trials"?

    Answer: You have access to full levels of support during a "trial" period. Support includes access to online documentation, submitting support requests, and consultations with the Riva Success Team to confirm sync policy option settings.

  • Question: Is dedicated technical assistance available to deploy a Riva server?

    Answer: Yes. The Riva Success Team offers a Get Started Bundle (GSB) for Riva On-Premise for Exchange, Google's G Suite, and GroupWise deployments. A GSB consists of up to three hours of dedicated technical assistance to guide you through all of the steps on the deployment checklist. At the present time, we offer a White Glove Session to Notes customers to assist with deploying Riva On-Premise for Notes. To schedule a Get Started Bundle or White Glove Session, contact the Riva Success Team.

  • Question: Is Riva On-Premise available for retail Gmail?

    Answer: Riva On-Premise uses a concept of "user impersonation" that requires an admin level user to impersonate into other mailboxes in the same business email system. Retail GMail is not designed for this concept. Customers who want to sync CRM data with their GMail mailboxes can use our hosted Riva Cloud for Google service.

  • Question: Is there a document that describes the Riva On-Premise deployment model in more detail?

    Answer: Yes. We invite you to read our online Knowledge Base article Overview of a Riva On-Premise Server deployment.

  • Question: Can I schedule a demo of Riva On-Premise before making a decision to deploy it?

    Answer: Yes. Contact the Riva Success Team to schedule a How Riva syncs my data demo.

  • Question: Are there any videos available that demonstrate data sync for different email clients and mobile devices?

    Answer: Yes, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel and view the various playlists.

Article ID: 445
Last updated: 04 Oct, 2016
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