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Map Outlook Fields to Custom Fields in Sugar

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Last updated: 19 Sep, 2023

Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise support the automatic mapping of specific custom fields for the following CRMs:

  • Sugar
  • SuiteCRM
  • 1CRM (info@hand)
  • intelecrm

Mapping specific Outlook fields to CRM custom fields

Riva maps selected Outlook contact fields to CRM custom fields:

   Assistant          <=> assistant_c
   Hobbies            <=> hobbies_c
   Children           <=> children_c
   SpouseName         <=> spouse_c
   NickName           <=> nickname_c
   BusinessHomePage   <=> website_c
   WeddingAnniversary <=> anniversary_c
   Location           <=> location_c
   Manager            <=> manager_c
   Referred By        <=> referred_by_c  (Riva 2.4.21 r10215+)
   Profession         <=> profession_c   (Riva 2.4.21 r10218+)

How to implement custom field mappings

This feature is available only for Riva Exchange Web Services (EWS) connections.

To implement the custom fields, create the desired custom fields (from the above list) in Sugar. For example, to synchronize Nickname, create a custom field named nickname_c in Sugar.

Any custom field that matches the above list will automatically map over to those Outlook fields, which are natively supported in Outlook.

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Article ID: 310
Last updated: 19 Sep, 2023
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