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Configure GroupWise WebAccess Authentication

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Last updated: 03 Feb, 2011

GroupWise WebParts makes use of HTTP authentication available when configuring "Single Sign-On" features on GroupWise Web Access.


  1. Using Console One with the GroupWise Snap-ins, connect to your GW server.
  2. Navigate to your GroupWise Domain node (i.e. DOM1) which should contain a GroupWiseWebAccess object.
  3. In the properties menu of the GroupWiseWebAccess object, select the Application->Security tab.
  4. Under "Securing Sessions" ensure the "Use client IP in securing sessions" checkbok is disabled.
  5. Under "single sign-on" add the IP address of your SharePoint server. Select OK to apply the changes.
  6. Find the webacc.cfg file on your GW server. (default: \SYS\Novell\WebAccess)
  7. In the webacc.cfg file, edit the Cookie.Domain property to have the domain of your system, and uncomment the line.
  8. Restart the GroupWise WebAccess Application (tomcat - tc4stop / tomcat4)
  9. Restart the GroupWise WebAccess (webacc - stopweb / strtweb)


  1. From the SharePoint server hosting the WebParts
  2. Open a browser and navigate to the WebAccess login page
  3. If a browser authentication prompt appears, the configuration has properly been completed.
    • If the normal GroupWise Web Access login page is displayed, a settings has not been properly set.

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Article ID: 303
Last updated: 03 Feb, 2011
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