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System Requirements

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Last updated: 02 Feb, 2011

Many systems and features must be in working order and configured to work together in order to provide a seamless integration of Microsoft SharePoint and Novell GroupWise.


  1. Novell GroupWise 8.0+ or 7.0 SP3+ (Latest Service Packs)
    • SOAP-enabled Post Offices
    • For single sign-on: GroupWise authentication (user passwords) must use eDirectory
  2. eDirectory Server (For single sign-on)
    • NMAS enabled for Universal Passwords with Password Extraction policy enabled.
    • eDirectory passwords must be used for GroupWise authentication
  3. GroupWise WebAccess
    • Riva SharePoint Web Parts requires the replacement of the default WebAccess templates that may affect user access to normal WebAccess features.
    • A separate/load balanced installation of GroupWise WebAccess used for high usage deployments
    • File system access during the installation
  4. GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)
    • Must be installed and configured
  5. Users’ email addresses must be the same on GroupWise and SharePoint
  6. ConsoleOne with GroupWise Snap-ins
    • Required for the installation
  7. Firewall rules between GroupWise and SharePoint
    • Outbound port 80/443 is required from the SharePoint to GroupWise Web Access
    • Outbound port 7191 (and other GW SOAP ports) from SharePoint to each GroupWise Post Office
    • Outbound port 636 from SharePoint to eDirectory server
    • Inbound port 80/443 to GroupWise Web Access from SharePoint
    • Inbound port 389/636 to eDirectory LDAP from SharePoint
  8. SharePoint and GroupWise URL internet domain names must match (*.omni-ts.com)
    • Eg. Sharepoint Url (web.omni-ts.com) GW WebAccess (mail.omni-ts.com)

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Article ID: 301
Last updated: 02 Feb, 2011
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