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Riva Bookings 2023.4 Release Notes

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Last updated: 30 Nov, 2023

Utilization of delegate's Zoom/Teams token

Benefit: Ensure meetings scheduled use the meeting hosts unique online meeting room.  

Currently when a meeting link is delegated (someone else was set as the meeting host), we are still using the link owners zoom/teams link rather than the meeting host’s. Now, we will be utilizing the meeting host’s online meeting links. If not available, we will fall back to using the link owner’s zoom/teams. You will see a warning on the Booking link if this is the case.

Auto populate recipient details for Single Use Links

Benefit: Make it easier for your clients to book with you. We know you care about ensuring a seamless booking experience for your clients and we care too! 

Previously, when a recipient clicked on a booking Single Use Link, the recipient had to manually enter in their name and email. Now, when creating a single use link, you can pre-set the recipient’s name and email. This way, the only thing the recipient needs to do is click “Book Meeting” and these details are automatically captured

Additional fixes and enhancements

  • Riva Bookings Outlook add-in: Improved handling of JWT token from client side to server side
  • Single Use Links Updated HOLD experience: Riva will automatically remove HOLD meeting invites from your inbox after the meeting is scheduled or the link expires. 
  • Meeting management: Previously, when "Display recipient name in meeting title" was turned on, we only utilized the recipient's first name. Now, we will display the recipient's full name.

Contact Us

To learn more or to add Riva Bookings to your subscription, reach out to your account manager or visit our website: https://rivaengine.com/explore/products/riva-bookings-lp/. Or, reach out to our Success Team for technical support: https://rivaengine.com/resources/help/.

Article ID: 2442
Last updated: 30 Nov, 2023
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