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Riva Insight 2021.1: Release Notes

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Last updated: 07 Apr, 2021
Server version: 2021.1     Which version do I have?
Client versions: Outlook Web add-in:
square bullet with no indent to its leftThe Outlook Web Add-in does not have a version.
square bullet with no indent to its leftIt does not need to be updated to take advantage of the Riva Insight Server enhancements.

Outlook Windows add-in:
square bullet with no indent to its leftWhich version do I have?
square bullet with no indent to its leftIn order to benefit from Riva Insight's latest enhancements and improvements, we recommend using the same version of Outlook Windows add-in as the Insight Server.
square bullet with no indent to its leftWe do not recommend upgrading the add-in to a version that is higher than the Riva Insight Server, as we cannot guarantee it would be compatible.
Release date: April 01, 2021
Cloud customers: Riva Insight services was upgraded on 2021-04-01 (April 01).
On-Premise customers: For an upgrade package and to schedule an upgrade, contact the Riva Success Team.
Riva Insight Cloud is available as a free 15-day trial.

What's New in This Release

Updates specific to

Updates Specific to Track in CRM

Enhancement! Direct Track

  • Track in CRM can be configured to track an Outlook item directly from the Inbox or the Sent Items folder without moving or copying the item to the "- Create New Email" folder.
  • For more background, the requirements, and the configuration steps, see Direct Track.

New! Support for tracking custom fields to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Track in CRM can now sync the contents of custom fields to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Update Specific to Track in CRM and Creates and Updates

Note: "Creates and updates" refers to the ability to manage CRM records directly from Riva Insight.

Enhancement: A CRM field value that is not predefined in the corresponding Riva Insight drop-down list now appears in the list.

  • Background: In previous versions of Riva Insight, if a CRM record had a value that was not in a predefined Riva Insight drop-down selection list, the value was displayed as empty.
  • Now, if the CRM field has a value that is not in the predefined drop-down list, Riva Insight adds the value to the list, and the value remains selected.
  • Note: This enhancement requires no additional configuration.

Update Specific to the Outlook Windows Add-In

Background: In previous versions of the Windows Add-in, the CTRL keyboard shortcuts were limited to "CTRL+C" (copy) and "CTRL+V" (paste).

Now, any CTRL keyboard shortcut is allowed, provided it is supported by the embedded Outlook web browser client.

Some of the new CTRL keyboard shortcuts that are now available in the Outlook Windows add-in include:

  • CTRL+A – Select All.
  • CTRL+Z – Undo.
  • CTRL+P – Print.
  • CTRL+Mousewheel – Zoom in or out.
  • CTRL+'+' – Zoom in.
  • CTRL+'–' – Zoom out.
  • CTRL+0 – Reset to 100% (default) zoom
  • CTRL+F – Open the in-page search box to search on the current page
  • CTRL+F5 – Refresh and reset the browser cache for the current page.

Note: Until now, those keyboard shortcuts were supported only in the Web Add-in.

Update Specific to Riva Insight Cloud

Salesforce test sandbox login:

  • Riva Insight Cloud now supports logging in with a Salesforce test sandbox.
  • Requirement: The Riva Cloud connection must be configured with a Salesforce test sandbox account.
  • How it works: The UI lets the end user select Production or Sandbox.

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Article ID: 2179
Last updated: 07 Apr, 2021
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