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Use Token-Based Authentication to Sync with NetSuite

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Last updated: 24 Sep, 2018

To use token-based authentication for Riva Cloud to sync with NetSuite:

  1. In NetSuite, perform the required setup tasks.
  2. In Riva Cloud, enter the token-based authentication details in the NetSuite connection.

Step 1: In NetSuite, Perform the Token-Based Authentication Setup Tasks

  1. Enable token-based authentication.

  2. Create a role that permits logging in with token-based authentication.

  3. Assign one or more syncing users to the token-based authentication role:

    • For Riva Cloud Corporate, assign the Riva connection user.
    • For Riva Cloud Company, assign individual syncing NetSuite users.

    For instructions, see Assign users to a token-based authentication role.

  4. Create a NetSuite application to enable Riva to use token-based authentication with NetSuite.

    • Recommended: Name the application "Riva".
    • Recommended: Set the user name to something like "Riva admin" instead of the personal name of your organization's Riva sync administrator.
    • Take note of the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token ID, and Token Secret. They are required to enable the Riva NetSuite connection to use token-based authentication.

    Warning: The Token ID and Token Secret are displayed only once. After you leave the NetSuite page that displays them, they can never be retrieved from NetSuite. Store the values in a very safe place, and treat them as securely as passwords and certificates.

    For instructions, see Creating a NetSuite application that uses the integration record.

Step 2: In Riva Cloud, Enter the Token-Based Authentication Details in the NetSuite Connection

Select the appropriate link:

To edit a NetSuite connection to use token-based authentication:

  1. Log in to https://www.rivacloud.com.

  2. On the Dashboard, locate the NetSuite connection, and select Edit.

    Result: The NetSuite Connection page appears, with values in the four fields at the top.

  3. Below the four fields, select the Use Token Based Authentication (TBA) check box.


    • The Application ID field disappears, because it is not used for token-based authentications.note
    • Between the Token-Based Authentication check box and the fields below it, four token-based authentication fields appear.

  4. Enter the four token-based authentication values that were generated when creating a NetSuite application.

  5. Save the connection.

    Note: The Application ID value is internally retained by Riva. If you clear the Use Token Based Authentication (TBA) check box, the Application ID field and value are restored on the NetSuite connection page.

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Article ID: 1822
Last updated: 24 Sep, 2018
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