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Why does Riva Insight not load when I open Outlook?

  • Outlook has a tendency to disable or unload add-ins that are deemed to be misbehaving or taking too long to initialize. You will notice this when you view add-ins that have not loaded from the Outlook COM add-ins options.
    Solution: If this happens consistently, you can uninstall and re-install the add-in or set the following registry key to 3:

How often is Riva Insight updated?

  • Riva Insight is scheduled to be updated with quarterly releases. A beta release is provided two weeks in advance of the public release. It is easy to take advantage of the early beta releases:
    • Our clients who use Riva Insight via Riva Cloud receive an email.
    • New customers and our clients who use Riva Insight via Riva On-Premise can contact the Riva Success Team and ask for access to the beta resources.

Can I use Riva Insight if I don't use Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise?

  • Riva Insight is not currently sold as a stand-alone product. Product plans are being evaluated to make this available to our clients.

Can I use Riva Insight on behalf of another user who is syncing with Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise?

  • If Riva sync is in use, Riva Insight is intended to be used by the same user that is syncing on the sync policy.

Which CRMs does Riva Insight support?

Which email applications are supported?

  • Riva Insight currently supports
    • Microsoft Office 365;
    • Outlook (for Windows) 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007;
    • Outlook 2016 for Mac;
    • IBM Notes 9 and 8.5.

Does Riva Insight support Mac OS X?

  • Apple Mail or Mac Office clients can use the latest version of Outlook for Mac 2016, which provides an API that supports add-ins.
  • Mac Web App users are supported by the Outlook Web App client.
  • For customers running IBM Notes on Mac, there are no restrictions. Any platform that supports IBM Notes also supports the Riva Insight IBM Notes Insight panel.

How does Riva Insight work?

When I search for a contact or account in the Insight panel, why do I get results that are not just contacts or accounts?

  • Riva Insight uses the similar search capabilities as the CRM. For example, if a search for a contact in your CRM provides results that include a contact match by name or email address, you will see that same pairing in the Insight panel.

Can Riva Insight be used in Citrix environments?

  • Yes, Riva Insight is fully compatible with Citrix, Terminal Services, and other virtualized desktop solutions. That is because the Riva Insight add-in does not need to communicate directly with the CRM. It only needs to communicate with the Riva sync engine or the Riva Insight service.

How does Riva Insight On-Premise authenticate?

  • With Riva Insight On-Premise, users are authenticated using Windows AD. The connection to CRM is still done using the CRM connection user that is configured with the Riva On-Premise server to impersonate the end users. Riva Insight looks at the end user's email address in Active Directory when impersonating to make a match to the CRM user for a successful login.

How much does Riva Insight cost?

How is Riva Insight different from traditional plug-ins?

  • Outlook plug-ins are typically buggy and crash Outlook often. The number one reason why traditional Outlook plug-ins are so complicated is that client-side integration vendors are putting in a tremendous amount of complex information and trying to build enterprise-level synchronization products into a plug-in that is running inside an Outlook client built on technology that is decades old.
  • The advantage of Riva Insight is that there is no synchronization of data between the Riva Insight Outlook add-in and the CRM. This means that there are not dozens of custom Windows forms being used. There is no need to log in to the CRM from the Outlook or IBM Notes client. There is no configuration of the various synchronization options. In other words, with Riva Insight, you avoid all those things that contribute to the numerous bugs and crashes that customers experience with traditional Outlook plug-ins.
  • With the Riva sync engine providing the CRM data synchronization, the Insight panel for Outlook and IBM Notes simply acts as a gateway to provide access to CRM data. The Riva sync engine is responsible for doing all the heavy lifting and hard work of filtering and synchronizing CRM data directly to the email server, which, in turn, feeds the data to all of your Outlook or IBM Notes clients (including Mac and mobile clients). When you deploy the Riva Insight service and add-in, we can upgrade the service without having to touch any of the clients. With Riva Insight, the client itself is a very thin layer. The Riva Insight service is responsible for managing connectivity to CRM, interaction with the sync engine, and data aggregation, thereby removing all of this work from the Outlook or IBM Notes Windows client.

Are there third-party enrichment services included in the Insight panel, or are these services a separate subscription?

  • Third-party data enrichment services are not included in the base Insight panel. These services can be connected through the Insight panel using API calls. If you have an existing subscription with one of the enrichment service providers, assuming your subscription allows for API call data retrieval, Riva can use the API calls to query that service and expose the information in the Insight panel. The Insight panel does not store this information. It acts as a gateway to allow you to view the relevant information. None of the information is being recorded, tracked, or stored in the Insight panel.

What does this error mean: "SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'addEventListener' jquery-2.1.4.js (3451,4)"?

  • If you see this error in the Riva Insight logs, your browser may be too old. For the Riva Insight browser requirements, see Email and browser.

Track In CRM

When I go to use Track In CRM, why do I get a Configuration Error?

  • If you are a new user to Track In CRM and your Outlook was not closed before you were added to the sync policy, close Outlook, and reopen it after one or more sync cycles, so that the configuration settings can be applied to your email client. If the "Configuration setting missing...." error still occurs, contact the Riva Success Team.

When I click Track In CRM, I see a Classic Track button. What does it do?

  • If your version of Riva Insight is older than 1.1.14, you can see a Classic Track button. This button was added during a transition phase of Riva Insight in 2016 to allow customers to use the older Track In CRM methods if they experienced problems with the early versions of the new Track In CRM. The new Track in CRM is now robust. You can download the latest version of the add-in from https://kb.omni-ts.com/639/.

When I click Track In CRM, nothing happens.

What happens if I click Track In CRM, choose no contact, account, or opportunity, and then I click OK?

  • The email is moved to the Create New Email folder and synced with your normal sync policy settings without setting additional properties.

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