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Admin Training for Riva On-Premise

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Last updated: 12 Mar, 2018

Standardized training is normally provided to customer IT staff when a Riva On-Premise server is installed and configured as part of a Get Started Bundle. That training includes an introduction to setup and configuration of the Riva On-Premise server and synchronization policies. Many of our customers shift responsibility for Riva On-Premise server operation and maintenance to IT infrastructure support staff who may not have been originally involved in the original evaluation, proof-of-concept or pilot and UAT of a Riva On-Premise server. Additional training needs to be provided to those customer staff who will assume responsibility for Riva operation and end-user support.

Training Currently Available

The following training is available as a billable professional service:

  • Level 100 & 200 training:  Level 100 training is for end-users and as introduction information for other formal courses.  Course 201 is designed for Tier One help desk staff that support end-users but who do not have access to manage the Riva On-Premise server.

  • Level 300 training:  This training is available for customer IT staff who are mandated with the responsibility for operation and maintenance of the Riva On-Premise server, and data sync services that it delivers.



  • Level 100 is self-study from Knowledge Base articles at no cost.
  • Level 200 & 300 are billable web seminars. To request training, contact the Riva Success Team.
  • For each web seminar, the Riva training team will provide to the client a copy of the video recording of the web seminar, a copy of the slide presentation file, and a PDF copy of the participant work book.  The client can then use that material to continue to deliver training to new staff that are hired and assigned responsibility to manage the Riva server.

Customer Riva Training Plan

When a customer requests additional training for their IT staff, the Riva training team will consult with the customer to determine training requirements and then prepare a Customer Riva Training Proposal that includes an estimate of billable time and costs to plan, prepare and deliver training.

Article ID: 1511
Last updated: 12 Mar, 2018
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