Calendar Option to Handle Deleted CRM Calendar Items

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Last updated: 19 Aug, 2019

Riva has traditionally synced deleted CRM calendar items to Office 365 and Exchange, which then removed the calendar item from the user's primary calendar and placed it in "Deleted Items".  The challenge with handling CRM calendar deletions this way is that users often do not want to lose a calendar item in the mail box, even if it has been removed in the CRM.

There are three reasons that Riva will detect CRM calendar items as being deleted:

  • The CRM user deletes the calendar item in the CRM, or
  • The CRM user is removed from the list of related users, or
  • The CRM calendar item falls outside of the user's CRM security context.

Sync Policy Calendar Option

Riva 2.4.32+ includes an option on the sync policy "Calendar" page to control how Riva will handle CRM calendar items that are "deleted".

  1. In the Riva Manager application, edit an Exchange sync policy.

  2. On the "Calendar" page locate the option "Treat CRM deletions as cancellations instead of moving to Deleted Items" option.

    If this option is checked - Riva will sync a change to the Subject of the calendar item by inserting the word "Deleted by CRM" as the first word into the subject. If a calendar item is deleted in CRM, the appointment will now display as cancelled showing as free in the calendar views in Outlook and other email/calendar clients - For Outlook end-users, a "Remove from Calendar" button is then visible or the user can delete the appointment manually.

    If this option is not checked - Riva will remove deleted CRM calendar items from the Exchange primary calendar and place them in "Deleted Items" in the user's mailbox.
  3. Save the policy.

Effect if Users Have Already Synced Calendar Data

If Riva has already synced calendar data, Riva will not modify calendar items that have already been placed in "Deleted Items". Riva will only apply this change to CRM calendar items that are "deleted" after the sync policy has been changed.

Applies to

  • Riva for Office 365 and Exchange only. This feature is not supported for the other supported email systems.
  • Riva 2.4.32+

Article ID: 858
Last updated: 19 Aug, 2019
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