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Default Field Mappings for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Last updated: 21 Feb, 2017

Below is the list of field mappings between Exchange and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for contacts and the email record object type.


Field Name Dynamics Entity Field
Naming Fields
First Name firstname
Last Name lastname
Middle middlename
Notes description
Title salutation
Suffix suffix
Company Name Note 1
Job Title jobtitle
Department department
AssistantName assistantname
Website websiteurl
Birthday birthday
Telephone Numbers
Business Phone telephone1
Home Phone telephone2
Mobile Phone mobilephone
Business Fax fax
Assistant's Phone assistantphone
Pager pager
Primary Address
Business Street address1_line1 + address1_line2 + address1_line3 Note 2
Business City address1_city
Business State/Province address1_stateorprovince
Business Zip/Postal Code address1_postalcode
Business Country address1_country
Alternate Address
Other Street address2_line1 + address2_line2 + address2_line3 Note 2
Other City address2_city
Other State/Province address2_stateorprovince
Other Zip/Postal Code address2_postalcode
Other Country address2_country
Email Addresses
Email emailaddress1
Email 2 emailaddress2
Email 3 emailaddress3


  1. Retrieved from the parent Customer record.

  2. The three addresses are concatenated/split with a NewLine.

Email Record Object Type

Exchange Field Name

Dynamics Entity Field Value of the Dynamics Field When Syncing from Exchange Note
Importance Priority Set to Normal
Due Date Due Date [The value for this field is not set.]
Status Status Set to Completed
Status Reason

Status Reason

Set to Completed
Activity Status Activity Status Set to Completed
From From Set to the From address
To To Set to the list of the To addresses
Cc Cc Set to the List of the CC addresses
Bcc Bcc Set to the List of the BCC addresses
Subject Subject Set to the text of the subject line

Note: The values of the Dynamics field synced from Exchange can be changed by customization. If you require such a customization, contact the Client Engagement Team by logging a Riva On-Premise support request.

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Article ID: 849
Last updated: 21 Feb, 2017
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