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Riva CRM 2.4.29 (2012.06.20)

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Last updated: 24 Aug, 2012

This release includes the following enhancements:

Riva CRM Sync Policy

CRM Specific Enhancements / Fixes

Exchange/Outlook Specific Enhancements / Fixes

GroupWise Specific Enhancements / Fixes

Noticeable Fixes or Sync Workflow Changes

  • Resolved a query issue that pegged the CPU
  • Improved query operations to take less time
  • Fixed CrmAgent: NRE while stopping service - Fixed a bug that cased a NRE (non-recoverable error) while the CRM Agent service was stopping.  This should reduce instances of the CRM Agent service getting stuck in "Stopping ..." state.

Riva CRM Monitor Application

  • Nothing new

Special options that can be enabled by Omni Professional Services

  • NetSuite: Added support for custom filters - custom filters can be employed to control item sync between NetSuite and Exchange.  Contact Omni Developer Team for more information.
  • Salesforce: Allow specifying of "StripSandboxUsernameSuffix" in query parameters - This will allow a single SSO instance to be tested in production and sandbox without having to reconfigure it.  Contact Omni Developer Team for more information

Recommended Update Procedures:  Customers can upgrade their Riva CRM Integration Server server using the "Check for Updates" feature which can be configured to support proxy authentication environments.

Previous Release:   Riva CRM 2.4.28 (2012.04.16)

Article ID: 828
Last updated: 24 Aug, 2012
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