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Enable Salesforce "Trusted Network Access" for Riva Cloud Connections

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Last updated: 03 May, 2019

A Riva Cloud attempt to log in to Salesforce is authorized if it meets one of the following conditions:

  • The connection uses an OAuth token (preferred default), or
  • The connection and login originate from a trusted network IP address, or
  • The connection and login include a security token.

New Riva Cloud connections to Salesforce use the OAuth token method by default. For Riva Cloud clients who use the traditional trusted network access method or the security token method, we strongly recommend reconfiguring the existing Riva Cloud connection to Salesforce to use the OAuth token method. For detailed instructions, see Create a Salesforce connection: Riva Cloud.

Using Trusted Network Access

If "Trusted Network Access" is configured in Salesforce, then including the security token is not required when creating or modifying the password for a Riva Cloud connection to Salesforce.

Salesforce provides a mechanism to enable "Trusted Network Access" for the Riva Cloud service. This must be configured in the "Setup" settings by the Salesforce administrator account. If you cannot perform this task, ask your Salesforce admin to do it.

To implement the Salesforce "Trusted Network Access" for the Riva Cloud service:

  1. Contact the Riva Success Team to obtain the latest IP address for the Riva Cloud service.

  2. Log in to Salesforce as the organization admin account.

  3. From the top navigation links, select Setup.

  4. In the left pane, under Administration Setup, select Security Controls and Network Access.

    The Network Access detail page displays a Trusted IP Ranges table.

  5. Select New.

  6. Add the IP address (provided by the Riva Success Team) for both the Start IP Address and End IP Address values. Select Save.

    Note: The IP address is not an approved IP address and is used in the screen shots for this procedure for example purposes only.

  7. Confirm that the IP address appears in the list of Trusted IP Ranges.

  8. Save the trusted network.

    Result: The security token is no longer required for the Riva Cloud connection for Salesforce. If your Salesforce password is changed, the Riva Cloud connection for Salesforce needs to be modified to use the new password, but the security token does not need to be specified.

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Article ID: 827
Last updated: 03 May, 2019
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